Deep Brain Stimulation

G-Mat Surfmat Surfmats Pete D'Ewart Rubber Bucky 256515

Ahoy ladies and gents, this is DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) a 70/70 Rubber Bucky built for Pete D'Ewart in Washington State in the US of A.

I always enjoy building mats for Pete. He is a real connoisseur and this is his fourth custom G-Mat. You can see the others here:

G-Mat Surfmat Surfmats Pete D'Ewart Rubber Bucky 25

Pete was actually my first ever customer so it is always a pleasure to build a mat for him.

G-Mat Surfmat Surfmats Pete D'Ewart Rubber Bucky 785

So back to DBS. As mentioned, she is a Rubber Bucky. 70/70 free breather with a free rocker. Being a Rubber Bucky there is a deep concave up the middle which provides good lift, with the mat being designed to ride on the wide inside pontoon in trim.

The bottom skin and I-beams are made from the very last scraps of the beautiful green 70 denier fabric from my role so Pete is in for a quick sensitive ride.  I can already hear the cries of anguish from those who have fallen in love with the green fabric. Please rest assured that I will get some more when I can.

G-Mat Surfmat Surfmats Pete D'Ewart Rubber Bucky 9856
G-Mat Surfmat Surfmats Pete D'Ewart Rubber Bucky 365

It looks like the run of good swell continues for the US West coast so Pete should be getting plenty. DBS is more minded towards subtle sensitive low inflation glides than keeping life together in hectic conditions but she will certainly have a prime spot in Pete's quiver, I'm sure.



UPDATE - 03/12/16

Word from Pete:

"DBS, double bag and T landed today.  G-121is a beauty, another fine design realized with obvious attention to detail.  Can't wait to get it wet.  In the meantime, I've inflated DBS well beyond riding hardness to admire the contours indoors.  Thanks.  Your mats more often disappear when I'm on a wave, full body flying."

Happy so far it seems.




Pete D'Ewart is a connoisseur of surfmats so I'm always honoured when he has one built by me. The latest is a G-Mat Ute named "Surfadelic."

Surfadelic is a 200/70 build with elastic rocker. The grip panels are Sikaflex EBT to offer additional stability to the deck. Blue deck, navy bottom. 

Just the ticket for winter in the Pacific North West.  



Soixante Neuf

Double Entendes are go!!!!!!!!!!

Here's Peter "Chiledub" D'Ewart's latest mat, a 200/70 Chino Racer with a Hestered valve and Sikaflex 11 FC deck grip.

This is G-Mat 69 (ooh er!) whom Pete has named "Fast & Bulbous" (yuk yuk!).

Pete tells me that he's planning to slip it into some glistening tubes (fnar fnar!!!) in So Cal in a week so the Courier is under strict instruction to GET THE MAT TO PETE IN TIME!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, that is the double entendre mat out of the way.

[The world breathes a collective sigh of relief]




Project Chiledub

Peter D'Ewart (AKA "Chiledub") has just jumped on the Ute train with his new mat named "The Breeze".

Pete has opted for a slightly squared tail corner. This should speed things up a touch whilst loosening the tail but that's something a mat surfer of his standard will relish. We've also worked the bottom shape a little to support the squarer corners.

Free-breather (as always), 200/70 with the emphasis of the grip in the middle of the mat with the middle pontoon clear for 12" to help with getting up on take offs.

G-Mat 55 (AKA "The Breeze") - Deck

G-Mat 55 (AKA "The Breeze") - Bottom

Pete is a real mat connoisseur so I'm always keen to hear his feedback.

She's boxed and sets off tomorrow. Have fun Chiledub. 


And we're off!

Welcome to my new site. I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out.  

Anyway, I'm extremely honoured to have built a mat for a true gent of mat surfing, Pete "Childub" D'Ewart.

Meet G-Mat 21 (AKA "G-Whizz"). This is a 70/70 G-Mat Bullet.

I'll be very interested to hear how Pete and G-Whizz get along as they tackle those long WA peelers (I couldn't make it Great White proof, sorry Pete).

Not an easy mat to let go this one. :)