I am constantly working on new surfmat designs and have been lucky to have shared ideas with great surfmat builders. To date, I have developed the models below. When I say models, I am talking about essential design characteristics. These are the basics of a custom surfmat. Your bespoke custom surf mat will we individually designed and completely tailored to you.

Like all surfcraft, different dimensions and materials make a huge difference to performance so it's worth taking your time to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each model. Keep in mind that there is a good deal of overlap between surfmat models (see the slide guide at the bottom of the page) and one of the advantages of custom mats is that we can mix characteristics to suit your needs so please feel free to get in touch to chat things over.



The Ute is the perfect utility mat enjoying an extremely wide range of conditions. This surfmat has a very subtle rail hook and less concave compared to the Rubber Bucky and Ubercat. The deck is flattened giving it a fuller, flatter, traditional mat feel and allowing a slick profile whilst maintaining volume.

The Ute offers a lot of down-the-line drive and holds in really well, favouring drawn out, arcing turns and sharper manouveres off the rail and performs very well in bigger surf. That said, the Ute will get through flat spots without any trouble, loving super low inflation riding.

In short, the Ute is possibly the perfect mat for the one-mat-quiver. As with all G-Mats, the Ute can be built as a free-breather (well vented to allow rapid air movement) or a restricted breather (AKA “whhezer”) to provide stability and handle chop more effectively.

200/70 or 70/70 configuration (200 or 70 denier deck and 70 denier bottom skin).


Apart from having possibly the funnest name to say out loud of all the G-Mat range (I bet you just tried it too) the free-breathing Rubber Bucky is a contender for the Ute’s all-rounder crown. Developed in partnership with Santa Barbara mat-meister, Andrew Stephen Buck, this mat emphasises traditional high speed mat surfing, quickly finding a plane and favouring controlled drifts and subtle rail control, whilst still holding well enough on steep walls to get your fins out of the water and let loose.

This three pontoon mat has slightly more volume and is a smidgen longer than the Ute giving a fuller feel. The I-beam positioning draws heavily from the Ubercat giving a deep concave and pronounced rail hook. The overall feel is very different though with a greater width to length ratio and slightly enhanced bottom contours.

200/70 Configuration is recommended given the extra volume, but Can be built as 70/70 for those seeking the extra sensitivity.

Specialist Models


The 4 pontoon Chino Racer is the “gun” of the G-Mat range, being the choice for waves overhead and bigger, or heavier and hollow smaller surf. Tested in solid conditions, the feedback has universally been that this mat likes a decent wave to get going but when it does, it is really quick from the off, giving a very assured and predictable hold. The Nouveau Racer has been described as “feeling like it is locked on rails”.

The mat is relatively narrow and the 4 pontoon design reduces the overall volume making it easier to get under waves. The I-Beam configuration through the middle pontoons features 2 lower I-beams with a slightly taller central I-Beam giving a concave through the bottom and increased stability through the centre line.

200/70 configuration is recommended (200 denier deck and 70 denier bottom skin) and generally built as a wheezer..


As the name suggests, the bottom of the compact, flat decked, streamlined Ubercat has a deep concave and rail hook giving it a completely unique, lively, edgy, almost skeleton-bob type feel. The pocket loving Ubercat loves steep, hollow waves, offering stacks of hold and exceptional maneuverability at speed and in critical situations..

The Ubercat responds well to being ridden off the tail with the emphasis being on manoeuvrability and hold. This surf mat has a fairly narrow range then, but is the perfect mat for S-turn surfing and riding in the barrel in hollow, solid waves and peaky/wedgy conditions where other mats can be stuck out in the flats after the first bottom turn.

Medium sized parabolic corners fore and aft keep things loose.

200/70 or 70/70 Configuration.

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