Important G-Mat News

Hello again all.

Another update on the waiting list. Unfortunately, the complexities in my life are ongoing and it doesn't really look practical to keep building custom mats commercially, at least for the foreseeable future. Given that, I will need to wrap up the waiting list and won't be taking new custom orders for the time being. I am going to build mats for the 10 longest waiters on the list.

Beyond this I will be focusing on building the 5 Star General and Bodybags for UK Mat Surfers. I can just work on them as and when I have time and they are MUCH quicker to build using templates and also saving time on collaboration and design from scratch.

5 Star General Surfmat

My plan is to build these in 3 scaled sizes to cover riders between 5' 7" and up to 6' 4" which covers most people and means people can get a perfect fit.

Bodybag Surfmat

The 5SG is basically a Ute with a teeny bit more length to extend the bottom end of it's range. I am really proud of it. It's fast with great hold and covers pretty much all conditions. I sold the last one I owned and have missed her ever since! The construction is exactly the same as with custom mats. Ask Adam "King Waka"  Williams from Scumm if you want more info on them.

In time I'll build them in 200/70 and 70/70 construction. I'll be doing some different colours too.

If you want to get a 5 Star General then get on the UK Mat Surfers mailing list:

I'm really sorry for any disappointment caused to anyone missing out on a custom mat. Hopefully a time will come where I have the space to get back to doing them commercially, but with my day to day work being stretched between employed work and self-employment plus needing to make time for increased family demands that's not practical right now.



Boogie Woogie!

G-Mat Surfmat Boogie Woogie Vincent Ulmann

Say hello to G-Mar 149 AKA "Boogie Woogie". Boogie Woogie is a G-Mat Chino Racer built for Vincent Ulmann. Vincent is lucky enough to live in South West France, close to Biarritz. 

Lucky Vincent!

Sooo... He was after a mat that would see him right in most size waves but with a penchant for hollow waves with power (remember where he lives!). Given that, we agreed that a Chino Racer would be a good fit. 

Vincent has gone for a 200/70 build with free rocker, a Hestered valve, and leash bungee fitting.

In addition, he has opted to go with restricted venting (ie. Boogie Woogie is a "wheezer") to keep things stable.

She set sail today so should be there early next week. The Western Coast of Europe is full of waves right now so hopefully Vincent will be able to get into some soon!



G-Mat Surfmat Boogie Woogie Vincent Ulmann
G-Mat Surfmat Boogie Woogie Vincent Ulmann

Waiting List News

Hello all. 

First off, I want to wish everyone a happy new year. 

Secondly, I have a bit of news. I need to close the waiting list for  custom mats for a while so won't be able to take new orders.

People who have been waiting for a custom mat for a long time will already be aware but the waiting time for a Custom G-Mat is currently around 2 years! This is due to having a various and increased demands on my time plus just having a really long list! (and needing to resist the urge to sacrifice needed down time) 

I'm blown away by the demand but it is a long wait by anyone's standards and I can't give any clear time scales to people waiting. As a result, I am going to have to close the waiting list whilst I catch up.

Once I get the waiting list back under control then I can work out where I am and how to manage things. Maybe a first-come-first-served set-up. Anyway, that's something to think about down the line.

I will still be building 5 Star Generals and Bodybags for UK Mat Surfers periodically so you can still get hold of G-Mats.

Thanks for all the support and have a great 2018!



Tangerine Dream

G-Mat 148 Surfmat Matt Cox Ute Acid Dye

Say hello to G-Mat 148 (AKA "Tangerine Dream"). She is a Ute built for Matt Cox over here in the UK. 

Tangerine dream has a 3 tone acid dye dip with clear Sikaflex EBT deck grip. The front corners have black EBT to help when dragging her under sets. Matt has also gone with a Hestered Valve to protect his beautiful face.

Tangerine Dream is a 70/70 construction. Free-breathing ventilation in combo with the lightweight construction and free rocker means this gal is gonna be pretty quick! 

Matt riding his old G-Mat - Pic by Kana Wraith

Matt riding his old G-Mat - Pic by Kana Wraith

Matt will hopefully get a go out at the end of this week. We have some swell on the way and a windo of favourable wind (although that's more changeable than words can say these days!)

Anyone interested in getting together for that should get to the Black Rock end of Widemouth Bay Nr Bude for first light this Friday. Looks like a few mats might be getting together!


Ride report coming soon...



Shearwater - Custom Surfmat Taiwan Bound!

Surfmat Surf mat Chris Goodwin G-Mat 147 (Deck).jpg

This is Shearwater, a G-Mat Ute built for Chris Goodwin. I'm sure people will remember the classic shot of Chris riding his Chino Racer The Onion on a Typhoon Bomb in Japan.

Photo by AJ Goodwin

Photo by AJ Goodwin

Surfmat Surf mat Chris Goodwin G-Mat 147 (Plan).jpg
A Shearwater glides over the open ocean. Pic By John Harrison

A Shearwater glides over the open ocean. Pic By John Harrison

Shearwater is a 70/70 build with free rocker and complete free breather. Chris was keen to add some range to his quiver so we figured a lighter mat with an all round configuration would be a perfect addition.

Surfmat Surf mat Chris Goodwin G-Mat 147 (Bottom)

I'm really stoked to have been able to build another mat for Chris. He and his wife AJ are a cool as it gets. Living the dream and travelling around East Asia, soaking up the culture and introducing the lineups to the joy of Surfmats.

Surfmat Surf mat Chris Goodwin G-Mat 147 (Dedication).jpg

Currently they are in Taiwan. I have to admit, I did enjoy the irony of sending a custom surfmat over there!

Chris is a really solid (or floppy?) mat rider and I really value his feedback. I'm really excited to hear about the adventures he has with Shearwater.



Rattler... Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie!!!

G-Mat Rubber Bucky Surfmat Rattler Henry Marfleet

Say hello to G-Mat 145 (AKA "Rattler"). Rattler is the third mat I've built for UK based Ozzie, Henry Marfleet. I was over the moon to build this mat as Henry's previous mats have both been built for solid waves. He goes on annual trips to Indo so you can see why.

So back to Rattler; she's a 200/70 Rubber Bucky. Henry wanted to get in touch with his Ozzie roots so opted for a bit of colour... Green deck, yellow logo and yellow bottom. We went for clear grip to to add a touch of frosty goodness and let the green really show through.

G-Mat Rubber Bucky Surfmat Rattler Henry Marfleet

Rattler has a subtle neg rocker to work with the deeper concaved of the Rubber Bucky design to make what is going to be a fast and slippy mat. Perfect for Henry's frequent trips to Cornwall. (We always prepare ourselves for a week of onshore choss when he says he's coming down!).

G-Mat Rubber Bucky Surfmat Rattler Henry Marfleet
G-Mat 145 (3).jpg

Henry has also ordered a sexy green tee with a yellow logo. That's currently in the works so will be sent on later. Looking forward to getting in with Henry and Rattler next time he's down.



Hush Hush... Top Secret...

G-Mat 146 Surfmat Nouveau Racer Barry Palmatier

Every now and then a customer pops up on the waiting list who is a subscriber to the pre-mainstream approach to mat surfing of keeping your head down. No fuss. Low key mat. Just go surfing.

San Diego's Barry Palmatier is one of those people. He got in touch asking for a mat to ride heavy and hollow waves. It didn't take a great deal of chit-chat to come to the conclusion that a Nouveau Racer was the way forward. 

"What colours do you want mat?" 


"What about the grip?" 



"Small... Black." 

And the name? Well, it had to be "Top Secret" obviously!

Black on Black Tee

Black on Black Tee

G-Mat 146 Surfmat Nouveau Racer Barry Palmatier

I know it doesn't look it but these are actually colour photos!

So then, Top Secret is a 200/70 build with free rocker. She's a free breather to up the responsiveness and has Puraflex 40 grip. The front corners have also been gripped to help Barry to pull her under heavy sets. 

G-Mat 146 Surfmat Nouveau Racer Barry Palmatier

You might see Barry if you surf around SD. If you do, the password is "the mats are flying in the fall." In fact, he's keen to meet other mat surfers so if you want to get in touch with him, give me a shout and I can pass on details.

Have fun Barry!



G-Mat 146 Surfmat Nouveau Racer Barry Palmatier

UPDATE 30/10/2017

Word from Barry. Top Secret has landed:

I got it Friday, and have been meaning to write and let you know. 

I am THRILLED with the mat!!! It's exactly what I was looking for. 

I haven't had a chance to ride it yet....Saturday was small junk, no form and I didn't even want to spoil the experience by taking it out in crappy surf. 

Sunday the swell came up and it was really good size off the beach, but closed out. I could have gone down to the Sloughs (google it) where it was breaking at first notch (12 to 15ft faces) but I was short on time due to my daughter having a flying lesson at noon. I would have to be out of the water and ready to drive her out by 10 am, which is really not possible when surfing the sloughs. It's a long walk down to the river mouth and then a loooooong difficult paddle out. 

Now, it's raining in San Diego, so I will probably have to wait for the weekend to give it a try... 

I'm really looking forward to riding it!

Super thanks for the mat...I can tell it's going to be exactly what I needed for hollow days. 

UPDATE 11/11/2017

Barry has managed to get some waves. Seems pleased. 

I got to ride top secret for the first time today. Mixed south swell, foot or two over head on the sets..very hollow, breaking hard in shallow water. WOW what a mat! First wave was a heavy late takeoff left, that would have put me out in the flats watching the shoulder peal away on any other mat. Top secret pulled in nicely delivering up a beautiful in n out barrel with quick exit and down the line speed run. I'm so stoked right now, I can hardly wait to get more. I love the way it rides, and I don't feel like I really have it dialed in yet. Super thanks for the mat, the wait was definitely worth it.

I really like it. At first I was concerned the deck would be a little slippery. It felt that way with a flat hand on the deck while walking out, but once I hopped on all my concerns were gone. Very comfortable, and it stays put nicely. I ride with low inflation 180 deg before firm, which can make it difficult to keep under you, but it was no problem. 

Super happy with this mat!