Long Sweary Lefts!

Philias update. After a week scouting setups in Northern Borneo and the south China Sea without any sniff of swell, she's now in Sumba.  And she's working me. I'm stationed in front of a long right hander which I'm sure is excellent for mats but even small it's 4ft over reef and needs a fair amount of duck diving. Still haven't figured that out. Cheers to everyone who gave me advice. Obviously I ignored it and have spent the best part of 2 days getting pitched, catching edges and failing to turn. Really hard to turn off the instincts learnt from years of hard board riding. Finally today I got in trim for the first time on a ledgy left. Got a bit of footage but will need to edit because it's full of expletives 🤣😖 great learning experience and feels so different. Fully stoked on it. Sorry for the frothy post haha

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Singapore and Beyond...

So then, Phileas has landed with Tom Way over in SE Asia. Tom lives in Indo but is on a trip and has just hooked up with our freshened up girl.


Here’s what he has to say:

"Hello all. Except for a couple of misadventures with a Redback mat around 15 years ago (it melted in the indo sun after my first couple days and all seams came unstuck) I'm not an experienced mat rider. But I'm honoured to be the custodian of Phileas for the next few months and hopefully will get her into some worthy lineups. For the next couple of weeks however, we are landlocked in Singapore so I've taken the opportunity to put in some Kms in the pool and get some paddle fitness (a good enough reason to have a mat in the quiver, I reckon: pool friendly

Some rookie observations on paddling: wide nose = rash inside arms (must wear rash vest). Arm paddle speed is surprisingly fast. I imagined long paddles might be hard, but not so. Wind: how does this affect paddling? A lot I suspect. Decreasing air = less buoyancy, in tail primarily, and especially in the rear corners. Eventually it became quite unstable but wondering if this aids turning? Grip is super sticky, but with decreased air I still found myself slipping backward every few hundred yards as tail sank. Flippers: my legs are buggered so I can only wear short swim fins. I'm wondering how much this will affect the ride and paddle.

Need to get on the forums now and get reading! Thanks G for the trust on this. Next update from the beach."

Here are a few tips fella: https://www.matsurfers.com/how-to-ride-a-surfmat

Looking forward to hearing about Phileas’ journey into Tom’s world and Tom’s journey into mat surfing.

Welcome off-board Tom!



A Little TLC

Phileas recently made a pitstop back at G-Mat Towers following her stint with Ian Wraith. Ian thought she needed a service and he was right! 


The grip was a state. As I think I've mentioned before, Phileas has been waxed by someone and then someone else has bravely attempted to top up the grip which led to a strange sticky goo! The only solution there was to get off what I could and plaster a thick layer of sealant over the top.  She also had 3 pinholes with one being quite leaky. They're all fixed now with Stormsure.

She's a tired old girl. Grip is really top heavy as I've had to lay it thick. Still going though! ❤️❤️❤️

Phileas is heading off now to stay a for a couple of months with Tom Way in South East Asia. Tom has no end of off-the-beaten-track spots in his little black book so it's gonna be great to see what he gets! 



A Quick Trip to Japan... Again!

As we roll into the arbitrary boundary between 2018 and ‘19 it is nice to catch up with our girl. Phileas has gone back to Japan for a flying visit with Ian Wraith at the tail end of the monsoon.

Ian says they have had some fun, and did consider a trip to some outer Islands but, as readers may recall, Phileas has had some grip issues in the past where it looks like wax has been applied and then a top up of PU sealant over the top has led to some gooey goings on. Well… it seems we’re back down to that layer so she will be briefly coming to G-Mat Towers for some TLC before heading to Indo.

Anyway, enjoy the video. Thanks to Ian and Kana for hosting.