Blue Bottle

Surfmat Surf mat G-Mat 153 Peter Horton Blue Bottle
Surfmat Surf mat G-Mat 153 Peter Horton Blue Bottle

Meet "Blue Bottle", the second 70/70 Ubercat in a row that I've built. This time, with free rocker.

The deck is the last of my old roll of navy 70d. The I beams and bottom are a new roll which has a lighter PU laminate. That means more pliability! I had some green fabric a while back that some will remember fondly. This is reminiscent of that. Nice combo in Blue Bottle then!

G-Mat 153 (2).jpgSurfmat Surf mat G-Mat 153 Peter Horton Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle has been built for Australian Peter "Marsupial" Horton. Peter was keen to get a mat that had plenty of lift and would be fast and lively in decent waves, 

Good choice then! That said, I've been riding my Ubercat in all conditions for a few months now and she's going great!

The grip is white Puraflex 40 so Blue bottle really is going to be a light weight ride! Blue Bottle is still en route but I'm looking forward to hearing how she goes.

So then. A little more about Pete... Well, I'm not going to tell ya, but I've added a bit of reading below.

Cheers G


Tangerine Dream

G-Mat 148 Surfmat Matt Cox Ute Acid Dye

Say hello to G-Mat 148 (AKA "Tangerine Dream"). She is a Ute built for Matt Cox over here in the UK. 

Tangerine dream has a 3 tone acid dye dip with clear Sikaflex EBT deck grip. The front corners have black EBT to help when dragging her under sets. Matt has also gone with a Hestered Valve to protect his beautiful face.

Tangerine Dream is a 70/70 construction. Free-breathing ventilation in combo with the lightweight construction and free rocker means this gal is gonna be pretty quick! 

Matt riding his old G-Mat - Pic by Kana Wraith

Matt riding his old G-Mat - Pic by Kana Wraith

Matt will hopefully get a go out at the end of this week. We have some swell on the way and a windo of favourable wind (although that's more changeable than words can say these days!)

Anyone interested in getting together for that should get to the Black Rock end of Widemouth Bay Nr Bude for first light this Friday. Looks like a few mats might be getting together!


Ride report coming soon...



G-Mat 142 (AKA "Michael Stripe")

Having taken a little time off for a wee trip away, I thought it would be nice to build myself a new mat for my personal quiver. It's been a while since I built myself a mat that wasn't a proto but I decided to treat myself.

G-Mat 142 Surfmat Ubercat Acid Dye

So, what to have. Well, I've been missing my old Ubercat and it has been a really long time since I've had one. Bryn Dampney has one named "Kessel Run" and I have really enjoyed riding her when we've surfed together so 70/70 with rocker seemed the way to go. 

G-Mat 142 Surfmat Ubercat Acid Dye

As you can see, I fancied a bit of colour and had surfed with a fella on a hull with stripes which I thought would look good on a mat so I got busy with the acid dye. I'm pretty pleased with how she looks, although Paul Mason did ask if I was going to "Police the lineup" (Perhaps I should have called her Nina!).

One interesting observation is the optical effects of the horizontal stripes... They make the narrower/longer Ubercat look short and fat! I did check in comparison to my Rubber Bucky though and as you can see, all is as it should be. 

G-Mat 142 Surfmat Ubercat Acid Dye
G-Mat 142 Surfmat Ubercat Acid Dye

Anyhoo, Michael Stripe has been surfed in waves at Gwenver in West Cornwall, that were less powerful than really warrant this design but she went well.

Gwenver Surf Surfmat

We also had a session in slightly bigger surf which really let Michael Stripe open up. Rail to rail surfing at speed... I forgot how much I love Ubercats!

Gwenver Surf Surfmat
G-Mat 142 Surfmat Ubercat Acid Dye

Suffice it to say, I am really stoked to welcome this mat in to my quiver.Here's hoping for a winter of solid hollow waves! 



G-Mat 142 Surfmat Ubercat Acid Dye

Feedback from John Hughes

I've had a couple of emails from John Hughes regarding his early experiences with his 70/70 Rubber Bucky, Sylvia.

John says:

My first session was on tiny waves at the local pier. There is a break on the north side of the pier that happens only when the tide and swell direction are just right. When it breaks a wedgy peak forms right next to the end of the pier. That turns into a fast drop which usually breaks right away and puts you in the whitewater. That lasts for a few yards then it re-forms into a walled up ledge that reels right into the pilings. Just as you get to the pilings you can pull out then take the outgoing channel next to the pier and go right back to the take off zone.

The ride is short but exhilarating.

Although the swell that day was tiny, the conditions were right and a miniature version of the wave was working. The mat handled it easily, tracking down every little seam in the wave, turning a potential non-session into an hour of fun. No pics of this. I took a camera with me but no one was there to take pics. The inflation pic is from that morning.

I got the mat out again this morning, this time in some waist high but lined up groundswell. This mat is blazing fast! I was easily blowing by sections and the mat was smooth and controlled. When the offshores held the wave back I could hang the mat at the top of the wave until it walled lined up then let it loose. I am definately clicking with this mat. It is another level above Phileas. I can't wait to get it in some big stuff.

I didn't get actual surfing pics. I just had the snapshot camera. I include one pic of the inflation level I am at. It works very well with low inflation. Also include the latest update on my car stickers. We may be getting some big onshore slop soon. If so, I will send a report.

aloha, John

Bring on the slop!



Blue & Green Should Never be Seen...

.... or so the saying goes. 

Luckily, that saying is a bunch of ol' pap and I've just built my second 70/70 Rubber Bucky in a row with a blue deck and green bottom skin.

Meet G-Mat 78 (AKA "Sylvia") built for Floridian, John Hughes.  John is a connoisseur of lightweight surfmats and a strong advocate of drifting mat surfing. Oh and he lives in the land of raggedy short-fetch swells so a Rubber Bucky seems like the perfect chariot.

Sylvia Is a free-breather with rocker and a Hestered valve. John asked for lighter grip so we went with Sikaflex 11FC+. He also asked me to leave a good amount of clear fabric up the the middle pontoon to save his chin from rashes so I've compensated with a little extra grip on the inside of the outer pontoons to make up for it.

John has also ordered a charcoal grey tee with black print. Sexy monochrome... Cool guy. :-)

Just waiting on the Tee and then Sylvia is off to her new home.


G-Mat 76 (AKA "Aquamanbag") - Happy (Early) Birthday Me!!!

Never let it be said that I'm not an advocate of self-compassion and to prove that, here's my new steed, Aquamanbag.

I built this mat as a birthday present to myself an fully intended to wait until my birthday to unleash her. I was even gonna wrap her up.

That all went out of the window though and I've already had her out in some sloppy pap! She went great though.

Aquamanbag  is a G-Mat Rubber Bucky. Blue  70 denier deck and green 70 denier bottom skin. She is a free breather (of course) and has a flat rocker. That flat rocker does special things in those mats that you need to just run and they get quicker over time.

Stuff happens to them...

Special stuff...

Anyway, I've gone for a little colour and jazziness with a yellow logo and grey jungle grip. The grip is Sikaflex 11FC+ to keep things light and pliable.

Summer is on the way ladies and gents!!!


California King - A Big Mat for Big Matt

I have just built a monster. This is "California King", a G-Mat Ute for the 6' 7" wookie that is Matt Pierce, OC mat charger. California King is Matt's 3rd G-Mat and this time he's going BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG!!!!!!!!

Matt asked for this 70/70 monster to have added grip at the nose to save unwanted separation, hence the snow-capped corners. This is a very lightweight mat  which has been scaled to fit Matt's colossal dimensions.

As you might expect, Matt has largely learned his mat riding on craft which are comparative travel pillows so this will be a new experience for him, which which may require some adjustment. I know he's relishing the challenge and I know that a rider of his immense talent will do it with ease.

I'm hopeful that California King will open up new waves for Matt.

This has been a real fun build and I'm really looking forward to hearing the feedback.


California King next to an average sized mat.

Matt and his Mat