Project Chiledub

Peter D'Ewart (AKA "Chiledub") has just jumped on the Ute train with his new mat named "The Breeze".

Pete has opted for a slightly squared tail corner. This should speed things up a touch whilst loosening the tail but that's something a mat surfer of his standard will relish. We've also worked the bottom shape a little to support the squarer corners.

Free-breather (as always), 200/70 with the emphasis of the grip in the middle of the mat with the middle pontoon clear for 12" to help with getting up on take offs.

G-Mat 55 (AKA "The Breeze") - Deck

G-Mat 55 (AKA "The Breeze") - Bottom

Pete is a real mat connoisseur so I'm always keen to hear his feedback.

She's boxed and sets off tomorrow. Have fun Chiledub.