Sikaflex News

For some reason which I really can't get my head around, sealant manufacturers periodically change the name of their products.  I put a video together a while ago on topping up grip using Sikaflex 11FC.

I've recently had an email from a US mat surfer saying that he has struggled to find Sikaflex 11FC over there. Having done a bit of research it looks like Sika have renamed it SikaBond Construction Adhesive

As I say, I have absolutely no idea why they do this. The sealant I use for logos has changed it's name 3 times in the time I've been building mats.

Anyway, as far as I can see, this change is only in the USA at present. Anywhere else, just look for Sikaflex 11FC.



UPDATE: 31/05/2017

My personal fave for topping up is Sikaflex EBT. It bonds to everything and is durable. What's more, you can get it in the UK from Screwfix!