Back to the 70's

The thing that really got me into building surfmats in the first place was the quest for light weight rides. No surprise then that the two latest rides to come out of the workshop have had me smiling, both being 70/70 construction (lightweight 70 denier material on the deck and the bottom).

First up is G-Mat 56 (AKA "Slop Humper"), a Flying Carpet. It's been ages since I build one of the flat, thin, square speed machines and I've tired a couple of new ideas, specific to this design which look like they will work well. These take more work than the other mats that I build but well worth the effort for those days where you just need to tweak the trim and fly!

G-Mat 56 (AKA "Slop Humper")

G-Mat 57 (AKA "Black Betty")

Next is G-Mat 57 (AKA "Black Betty"), a 70/70 Ute built for Stuart Marshall. Stu seems to constantly be off to warmer climes, charging endless bowling points and reefs. He's also a man who enjoys a flacid, lightweight mat so I'm really excited to hear about his adventures with Black Betty.

As you may have noticed, there seem to be a lot of monochrome mats coming out of G-Mat Towers at the moment... That seems set to continue. 

Black is the new black it seems.