Boogie Woogie!

G-Mat Surfmat Boogie Woogie Vincent Ulmann

Say hello to G-Mar 149 AKA "Boogie Woogie". Boogie Woogie is a G-Mat Chino Racer built for Vincent Ulmann. Vincent is lucky enough to live in South West France, close to Biarritz. 

Lucky Vincent!

Sooo... He was after a mat that would see him right in most size waves but with a penchant for hollow waves with power (remember where he lives!). Given that, we agreed that a Chino Racer would be a good fit. 

Vincent has gone for a 200/70 build with free rocker, a Hestered valve, and leash bungee fitting.

In addition, he has opted to go with restricted venting (ie. Boogie Woogie is a "wheezer") to keep things stable.

She set sail today so should be there early next week. The Western Coast of Europe is full of waves right now so hopefully Vincent will be able to get into some soon!



G-Mat Surfmat Boogie Woogie Vincent Ulmann
G-Mat Surfmat Boogie Woogie Vincent Ulmann

Hush Hush... Top Secret...

G-Mat 146 Surfmat Nouveau Racer Barry Palmatier

Every now and then a customer pops up on the waiting list who is a subscriber to the pre-mainstream approach to mat surfing of keeping your head down. No fuss. Low key mat. Just go surfing.

San Diego's Barry Palmatier is one of those people. He got in touch asking for a mat to ride heavy and hollow waves. It didn't take a great deal of chit-chat to come to the conclusion that a Nouveau Racer was the way forward. 

"What colours do you want mat?" 


"What about the grip?" 



"Small... Black." 

And the name? Well, it had to be "Top Secret" obviously!

Black on Black Tee

Black on Black Tee

G-Mat 146 Surfmat Nouveau Racer Barry Palmatier

I know it doesn't look it but these are actually colour photos!

So then, Top Secret is a 200/70 build with free rocker. She's a free breather to up the responsiveness and has Puraflex 40 grip. The front corners have also been gripped to help Barry to pull her under heavy sets. 

G-Mat 146 Surfmat Nouveau Racer Barry Palmatier

You might see Barry if you surf around SD. If you do, the password is "the mats are flying in the fall." In fact, he's keen to meet other mat surfers so if you want to get in touch with him, give me a shout and I can pass on details.

Have fun Barry!



G-Mat 146 Surfmat Nouveau Racer Barry Palmatier

UPDATE 30/10/2017

Word from Barry. Top Secret has landed:

I got it Friday, and have been meaning to write and let you know. 

I am THRILLED with the mat!!! It's exactly what I was looking for. 

I haven't had a chance to ride it yet....Saturday was small junk, no form and I didn't even want to spoil the experience by taking it out in crappy surf. 

Sunday the swell came up and it was really good size off the beach, but closed out. I could have gone down to the Sloughs (google it) where it was breaking at first notch (12 to 15ft faces) but I was short on time due to my daughter having a flying lesson at noon. I would have to be out of the water and ready to drive her out by 10 am, which is really not possible when surfing the sloughs. It's a long walk down to the river mouth and then a loooooong difficult paddle out. 

Now, it's raining in San Diego, so I will probably have to wait for the weekend to give it a try... 

I'm really looking forward to riding it!

Super thanks for the mat...I can tell it's going to be exactly what I needed for hollow days. 

UPDATE 11/11/2017

Barry has managed to get some waves. Seems pleased. 

I got to ride top secret for the first time today. Mixed south swell, foot or two over head on the sets..very hollow, breaking hard in shallow water. WOW what a mat! First wave was a heavy late takeoff left, that would have put me out in the flats watching the shoulder peal away on any other mat. Top secret pulled in nicely delivering up a beautiful in n out barrel with quick exit and down the line speed run. I'm so stoked right now, I can hardly wait to get more. I love the way it rides, and I don't feel like I really have it dialed in yet. Super thanks for the mat, the wait was definitely worth it.

I really like it. At first I was concerned the deck would be a little slippery. It felt that way with a flat hand on the deck while walking out, but once I hopped on all my concerns were gone. Very comfortable, and it stays put nicely. I ride with low inflation 180 deg before firm, which can make it difficult to keep under you, but it was no problem. 

Super happy with this mat!


A Tale of 4 Pontoons Pt 2

Ladies and Gents, please say hello to "Pocket Goblin". She's a 200/70 free-breathing Chino Racer, built for highly talented San Diegan, Mark Miller.  

Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Mark Miller 645

Mark wanted a mat with good hold, but a bit more bottom end. Pocket Goblin should rock these boxes nicely with the easy breathing and also free rocker to allow that balance between down the line speed and responsive turning. 

Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Mark Miller 2158

Pocket Goblin has landed but the SoCal run off means there is a little delay in her maiden voyage.  

Soon though!  


Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Mark Miller 53

FEEDBACK: 23/04/2017

Mat goes great! rode some bombs yesterday.  Nearly ripped off two fingernails holding onto fabric while getting a set in the head paddling back out.  Definitely has a low end but not a top end yet in terms of wave size.  Draws surprisingly stable lines in larger waves.
Mark Miller

FEEDBACK: 02/12/2017

This mat works great!  I lent it to [name withheld] a great bubble rider and he loved it.  Watched him fly around on it like the happy silverback he is, by the time I got it back a few months later the grip was smoothed down perfectly for my mobile style.  Riding inflation levels between 90 and 180 degrees and it’s really hauling ass, holding in steeper waves & in bigger waves it really shines.  Stoked! 
Mark Miller

A Tale of 4 Pontoons - Pt 1

Say hello to "Gino the Chino"! She is the first in a bit of a run of 4 pontoon mats and has just set sail from G-Mat Towers to hook up with Graham Gidden on Vancouver Island.

You might remember Graham from HIS TIME WITH PHILEAS.  Graham was the perfect host.

Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Graham Gidden  68464

So, moving on to the mat, Gino the Chino is, as you may have guessed, a Chino Racer. He is built with a 200/70 construction, is a complete free-breather and has a free elastic rocker so has a mind to find a line and to commit, giving Graham a secure and dependable ride in those solid, Northern Pacific conditions.

Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Graham Gidden 64

Graham fancied a bit of colour with a brilliant blue bottom and blue logo. The colour of the logo is misleading in these photo's. It is much more blue than it looks.  The deck grip is Puraflex 40 in a pattern of Graham's own design.

Graham has also gone for a bungee fitting to add a little piece of mind should his bear hug fail.

Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Graham Gidden 12569

I'm a huge fan of cold water surfing so can't wait to hear about Gino The Chino's adventures.

Bon voyage!


Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Graham Gidden 434

G-Mat 107 (AKA "Seefarther")

So, it's been a while thanks to a very memorable trip to California but I'm back in Blighty and my nose is held firmly to the grind stone. I was honoured to mark my return by building a mat for one of surfing's true gentlemen and a master craftsman to boot.

John Mellor's new mat, G-Mat 107 (AKA  "Seefather")

John Mellor is well known to many, being a talented builder of all sorts of surf craft. I first got to know John through his mat riding, via Dale Solomonson and through John's paipo designs. This interview on is well worth a read.

John recently built a couple of kick board style mini-paipo/jumbo handplanes for my son and I which he hand delivered to us in Carpenteria. 

I rode my carbon beast yesterday in 1 foot Challaborough death barrels and she is absolutely incredible! (Note to self... GoPro next go out).

So then, on to "Seefarther". She is a Chino Racer scaled to John's dimensions with a little bit added. John wanted a good stable mat so we went for 200/70 black with Sikaflex EBT grip and slightly restricted the airflow. I could have gone a bit more wheezy in retrospect but I still think John will notice the added shape holding characteristics. 

Seefarther has elastic rocker to get those turns happening too..

So, she ships on Monday. Hopefully John will get some waves. I think the Pacific is doing her thing of late.



G-Mat 93 (AKA "Salsa Brava")

This is John Mann's (AKA Bagjuan) latest steed named "Salsa Brava." She's a 200/70 Chino racer with a subtle elastic rocker and is en route to the Pacific North West to hook up with John.

Salsa Brava has a bungee for attaching a leash which I have reinforced to deal better with the winter swells.

She should be with Baggie by the beginning of next week. Let's hope the surf plays ball.



G-Mat 87 (AKA "Bez")

This is Henry Marfleet's new ride, Bez. She's a free-breathing 200/70 Chino Racer with a restricted flat rocker.  

G-Mat 87 (AKA "Bez") 

As you can see, Bez has a 3/4 grip job of grey (yes, it is grey I swear) Sikaflex EBT+. This is very durable and offers good traction and also adds to the stability of the deck. Bez also has added black grip on the front corners to help with hanging on to her in heavy situations. I've used Sikaflex 11FC+ for this to keep it pliable. This is backed up with a bungee leash setup just in case Bez and Henry get separated. 

Sikaflex love handles 

So why does Henry need such a solid,  stable, belt and braces mat? Well, that's because he's off to G-Land and it can get quite heavy there apparently. As you can see, Henry isn't unaccustomed to waves in that part of the world:

Anyway, Bez has set off to hook up with Henry and then off they go. Pretty exciting trip for both of them.  



Henry Marfleet - K-Bay, Dorset, UK