A Tale of 4 Pontoons Pt 2

Ladies and Gents, please say hello to "Pocket Goblin". She's a 200/70 free-breathing Chino Racer, built for highly talented San Diegan, Mark Miller.  

Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Mark Miller 645

Mark wanted a mat with good hold, but a bit more bottom end. Pocket Goblin should rock these boxes nicely with the easy breathing and also free rocker to allow that balance between down the line speed and responsive turning. 

Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Mark Miller 2158

Pocket Goblin has landed but the SoCal run off means there is a little delay in her maiden voyage.  

Soon though!  


Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Mark Miller 53

FEEDBACK: 23/04/2017

Mat goes great! rode some bombs yesterday.  Nearly ripped off two fingernails holding onto fabric while getting a set in the head paddling back out.  Definitely has a low end but not a top end yet in terms of wave size.  Draws surprisingly stable lines in larger waves.
Mark Miller

FEEDBACK: 02/12/2017

This mat works great!  I lent it to [name withheld] a great bubble rider and he loved it.  Watched him fly around on it like the happy silverback he is, by the time I got it back a few months later the grip was smoothed down perfectly for my mobile style.  Riding inflation levels between 90 and 180 degrees and it’s really hauling ass, holding in steeper waves & in bigger waves it really shines.  Stoked! 
Mark Miller