G-Mat 131


This is Warren Pfeiffer's new mat named "Limp Biscuit". Pretty good pun that.

Limp Biscuit is a 70/70 Rubber Bucky with negative rocker. Unsurprisingly, Warren has gone for a free-breather. She is based on Warren's current favourite ride named "Doppleganger".

G-Mat 131 (AKA "Limp Biscuit") Warren Pfeiffer Rubber Bucky Surfmat

There is a bit of experimentation here with every dimension across the mat being blown out a little but with I-beam heights being left. Also, a little more length.

What this means is that Doppleganger has more volume. Also, all of the contours are exaggerated so the stagger is increased, the corners a little squarer and the concave a little deeper. All in all, more lift and less grab at the corners means Limp Buiscuit has the potential to fly!

Certainly not a mat for your average matter, but Warren is far from your average matter.

G-Mat 131 (AKA "Limp Biscuit") Warren Pfeiffer Rubber Bucky Surfmat
G-Mat 131 (AKA "Limp Biscuit") Warren Pfeiffer Rubber Bucky Surfmat

A real experiment this one and has a lot to live up to following Doppleganger but lets see how she fares.



Grip News

Jungle Grip Surfmat

A little update on grip. First off, I've stopped using Sikaflex 11FC+. It's a good sealant and for people in the parts of the world where it's all you can get it's a good option for top-ups but my move to Puraflex 40 means it has become redundant.

Now on to other news. I mentioned a while back that UK DIY chain Screwfix were stocking Sikaflex EBT+. Good news for UK mat surfers because I personally think this is the best sealant for top-ups, whatever your base sealant. I don't know if Scewfix will export but if anyone outside the UK wants to have a go then here is the link:


You'll see that Screwfix are also stocking a wide range of colour too so EBT grip jobs are now available in black, white, grey, beige, brown and clear. Great news!

I'm really please with both of these sealants. They offer good grip, are resilient but not more resilient than a wetsuit (something has to give) and are both VoC free so reduce the environmental impact significantly.

G-Mat Nouveau Racer with Sikaflex EBT+ Clear Grip

G-Mat Nouveau Racer with Sikaflex EBT+ Clear Grip

Grip jobs can also be pigmented for those looking for other colours too of course.

Any questions please feel free to ask.



Och Aye! It's Wee Jock McAye!

This is G-Mat 130 (AKA "Jock McAye"), a Nouveau Racer making her way north to the classy reefs and slabs of the Scottish North Coast.

G-Mat 130 Surfmat Surf mat

Jock has been built for Steve Griffin, an ex-pat Welshman who it seems has a taste for heavy surf.

I love building mats for people like Steve. He is one of those highly experienced surfers who have given mats a go and really made the commitment to learn the art. In with both fins if you like!

G-Mat 130 Surfmat Surf mat

So a bit more on Jock McAye. She is a 200/70 construction with positive rocker to help add a surety to turns in the pocket. Being built with glassy waves in mind, Steve has gone for a free-breather to enhance the sensitivity and responsiveness.

G-Mat 130 Surfmat Surf mat
G-Mat 130 Surfmat Surf mat

Steve has also opted for a Hestered valve to help to protect his boyish good looks (or that's what he said anyway). The grip is Puraflex 40 and the front corners have been covered to give that extra bit of security during duckdives, punchouts and maulings.

Steve has also gone for a cap and sweatshirt. Getting the design for these nailed nearly took as long planning the mat! Hopefully we'll get to see Steve modelling his new outfit.

I'm really looking forward to hearing about Steve's adventures with Jock McAye. This project has been a real pleasure.



Bodybags go Fancy!

G-Mat Bodybag Mini-surfmat for Bodysurfing

People may have noticed that a small batch of Bodybags went through to the UK Mat Surfers store recently.

Anyway, they have had a bit of an upgrade. Firstly, I went for some colours other than plain black. These two both had orange decks and one had a black bottom and the other navy. 

The other change is the addition to a bit of grip to the front corners to help to hold on to the mat. The original proto's had canvas decks but 200d decks seem to go better. However, they do get a bit slippery so this grip should fix that.  

Given the change, I am happy to add grip for anyone who had one of the last batch for free [customer pays shipping both ways], or I can coach people through the process of adding grip and will cover the cost of the sealant to do it.

More Bodybags will be along... The best way to get an early heads up if you missed out is to get on the UKMS Mailing List.



A Tale of 4 Pontoons Pt 2

Ladies and Gents, please say hello to "Pocket Goblin". She's a 200/70 free-breathing Chino Racer, built for highly talented San Diegan, Mark Miller.  

Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Mark Miller 645

Mark wanted a mat with good hold, but a bit more bottom end. Pocket Goblin should rock these boxes nicely with the easy breathing and also free rocker to allow that balance between down the line speed and responsive turning. 

Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Mark Miller 2158

Pocket Goblin has landed but the SoCal run off means there is a little delay in her maiden voyage.  

Soon though!  


Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Mark Miller 53

FEEDBACK: 23/04/2017

Mat goes great! rode some bombs yesterday.  Nearly ripped off two fingernails holding onto fabric while getting a set in the head paddling back out.  Definitely has a low end but not a top end yet in terms of wave size.  Draws surprisingly stable lines in larger waves.

A Tale of 4 Pontoons - Pt 1

Say hello to "Gino the Chino"! She is the first in a bit of a run of 4 pontoon mats and has just set sail from G-Mat Towers to hook up with Graham Gidden on Vancouver Island.

You might remember Graham from HIS TIME WITH PHILEAS.  Graham was the perfect host.

Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Graham Gidden  68464

So, moving on to the mat, Gino the Chino is, as you may have guessed, a Chino Racer. He is built with a 200/70 construction, is a complete free-breather and has a free elastic rocker so has a mind to find a line and to commit, giving Graham a secure and dependable ride in those solid, Northern Pacific conditions.

Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Graham Gidden 64

Graham fancied a bit of colour with a brilliant blue bottom and blue logo. The colour of the logo is misleading in these photo's. It is much more blue than it looks.  The deck grip is Puraflex 40 in a pattern of Graham's own design.

Graham has also gone for a bungee fitting to add a little piece of mind should his bear hug fail.

Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Graham Gidden 12569

I'm a huge fan of cold water surfing so can't wait to hear about Gino The Chino's adventures.

Bon voyage!


Surfmat Surf Mat Chino Racer Graham Gidden 434