Happy Birthday Webbo!!!!!!!!!


Photo: Becky Webster

My boy Webbo (AKA Joe Webster) is 14 today and I'm not being at all biased when I say that he is a great lad of whom I am very, very proud.

Anyway, Webbo is becoming a pretty good mat rider and asked for a new mat for his birthday so here she is... "The Camo Carrot".

The Camo Carrot is a 200/70 G-Mat Ute. She has an Urban Camo style grip job with Sikaflex EBT, offering plently of traction, is hard  wearing and also helps to add stability to the deck to make things more manageable. 

That stability is also increased with the restricted airflow in this mat. I don't usually built "wheezers" these days but it does offer a more predictable platform so should help Webbo to continue to progress.

The Camo Carrot also has a bit of rocker. Webbo seems to have developed a bit of a taste for steep waves so that should help to keep things in order.

Finally, The Camo Carrot has a bungee leash attachment. Nice to keep Webbo attached to his mat... At least for now.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!!!!!!!