G-Mat 76 (AKA "Aquamanbag") - Happy (Early) Birthday Me!!!

Never let it be said that I'm not an advocate of self-compassion and to prove that, here's my new steed, Aquamanbag.

I built this mat as a birthday present to myself an fully intended to wait until my birthday to unleash her. I was even gonna wrap her up.

That all went out of the window though and I've already had her out in some sloppy pap! She went great though.

Aquamanbag  is a G-Mat Rubber Bucky. Blue  70 denier deck and green 70 denier bottom skin. She is a free breather (of course) and has a flat rocker. That flat rocker does special things in those mats that you need to just run and they get quicker over time.

Stuff happens to them...

Special stuff...

Anyway, I've gone for a little colour and jazziness with a yellow logo and grey jungle grip. The grip is Sikaflex 11FC+ to keep things light and pliable.

Summer is on the way ladies and gents!!!