G-Mats 73 and 75

I'm VERY proud to have had the opportunity to build a couple of mats for one of mat surfing's truly great guys.

Tim Ciasto Photo: Mike Holland

Swede, Tim Ciasto is a great film maker, Photographer and a very solid mat rider. If you don't know him, UK Mat Surfers published a Here & Now interview with Tim last year which is well worth a read:


Tim recently asked me to build him a mat to film from, asking for a bungee fitting for leashes and, perhaps, to hang stuff off. After some discussion, Tim opted for a Rubber Bucky. And then one became 2, because Tim is a solid mat rider so why have a leash on those days when you're not filming, eh?  And so it was that Geburtstag Bonus and FunWell were born.

Both mats are 200/70 free-breathers and, as you can see, Tim is a fan of black on black for grip and logos.  Geburtstag Bonus has a blue bottom skin. Very nice fabric this. Super pliable. FunWell is the same but all black which has a slightly denser weave and has the bungee fitting..

Tim is coming over to see us and get some waves so will be grabbing these in person. I always love surfing with people on their maiden voyages of mats that I have built so I'm pretty stoked.