Pray for Phileas

Please join me in praying to whatever deity you fancy for the safe and speedy return of Phileas to her travels. 


6 months after her arrival in Japan and nearly 4 months after the last pictures of her being ridden, our girl is still there. Ryo Hywasa is pretty hard to pin down having what seems to be an extremely hectic job with very limited access to email and social media. The plan has been for her to move on from Japan so I've emailed Ryo with a shipping address. 

Now we play the waiting game... 


Phileas? Where are you?!


Phileas MIA

Attention all mat surfers in South East Asia. Be on the lookout for a highly tatooed inflatable laDY called Phileas. Last seen in the company of Japanese Mat Surfer Ryo Hiwasa.

We do not know where either of these individuals are at present. There are rumours of a surf trip in the deepest, darkest back of beyond but this is not confirmed. We know that Phileas has form when it comes to leading people astray and pray that she is not off the wagon and leading poor Ryo down some debauched path.

Please... For the love of all that is partially inflated... Help us bring Phileas and Ryo home...


Hello Waves!!!!!!!!!!!

Word from Ryo and he and Phileas have had some waves! It's not been cranking but it's been surf and it looks pretty glassy.

surfmat phileas ryo hiwasa
surfmat phileas ryo hiwasa

Ryo says:

"The Surf's Up ! to kamakura last week end Phileas get wet ! and I ride to Phileas !!  Swell at this time Is from the typhoon No. 22 to go near the Philippines to the west. 

No.22 typhoon name is HAIMA."

surfmat phileas ryo hiwasa

Hopefully we'll get to see some more surf before she moves on. 

Keep sliding Ryo! 


Japan - Still Flat...

Ryo Hiwasa is a man on a mission. A mission for waves. It's he getting waves? 

No...  Ryo says:

2-month of sunny weekend but no wave. Many of the surfers trying to ride the wave 😅

Poor old Ryo. At least he's finding the humour in it! We shall carry on with the way and I urge the mat world to collectively pray to both Neptune and Poseidon to stop sitting around and to get some waves going! 

In fairness, they are busy in the North Atlantic, but come on fellas. You're meant to be deities! 

Stay tuned...  Phileas IS gonna get some waves in Japan!