Back in Cali

So, Phileas has made her way back to the US and is currently lodging with one of Rincon's truly nice guys, Matt Herman. Matt managed to snag some tiny but really fun little peelers down the beach from Rincon.

Matt says:

Phileas surfed well, it was fast and loose, even at high inflation levels. We were lucky enough to get steeply angled SSE swell from Hurricane Delores, which was no Marie.  It was, is, extremely humid for out here.  One day this week it was 76% and 84 degrees F.  Its strange to see rain and electrical storms in Santa Barbara, or CA.  The ocean was glassy, no clear as glass.  I saw bizarrely blue ocean colors all week on Instagram, as far north as Santa Cruz.  I surfed this morning on the back side of Rincon on Phileas, solo for a while.

I was at the back side of Pitus in these photos.  I felt like a kid on the day those were taken, weaving through bathers and getting called into waves by tourists and locals, who were both tripping out on the weather, water, and the mat surfing skills of yours truly. ;)


I'm just pleased to see Phileas getting back to what she's best at and staying clear of her vices. Although the pram thing... I don't even want to ask!

Thanks to Sylvia Orantes for taking the photos.


Phileas in Santa Barbara... In Spring... Hmmm...

It's been a while since we've heard from Phileas. She's currently in the hands of another world class Californian mat rider, Andrew Stephen Buck.

So why haven't we seen endless shots of ASB screaming effortlessly across Rincon walls with his trademark controlled tail-slips and roof-of-the-tube fin control?


Andrew says:

"Well Graeme, my friend. This is what happens when you wait til May to send Phileas up to Rincon to be checked out by the boys and I up here. As you can see, the conditions are shit... 

Every now and then there was a set and I managed to find a couple of waves on Phileas."

"Sadly yes, that is a set that I just slummed it in right now. Gonna hang on to her for a bit longer and hopefully get her into some real waves before I send her on to Santa Cruz..

Next time get it up here earlier you asshole! Ha ha!

Cheers my man."

GAH!!!  Let's all cross our fingers and pray to King Neptune for a solid south swell and some offshores. There are a few G-Mats kicking around the Rincon area and it would be great to see some of those fellas get a go with the ol' girl.



Here, there and everywhere...

Word from Mr Starkey and it seems that Phileas' travel itinerary has gone all over the shop!

The initial plan for the US West Coast was carefully put together. Start in San Diego with Kendog who would put together a few hook-ups. Next, on to Sean Starkey in Newport to hopefully get Wedge (out of season). Then, head up to Santa Barbara for a stint with ASB and the Rincon crew before hitting Santa Cruz with Steiny and on up the to the Pacific North West to hang with Pete D'Ewart and John Mann.


Best laid plans + mat surfers = beautiful chaos.

Pete and John from PNW are heading to San Diego in a couple of weeks so Phileas headed to Newport where the waves are poor so went early to Rincon except the Rincon crew weren't aware so she'll head back to SD to meet up with them from PNW and will then go BACK to Rincon before hitting Santa Cruz!!!


Sean's Instagram post has got people running all over So Cal!  God I love this project.