So Phileas has had a long weekend in Mexico and it looks like it's done her the world of good.  ASB  took her of to Scorpion Bay, Baja for a long weekend. 

Perfect point waves and sunshine. 

Not much of a crowd.

ere's what he had to say:

"Managed to borrow a go pro for a session and shot a few waves while holding it in my teeth. Won't see how they came out for a few weeks. The camera is down here until after they get home on the 24th.

Great food.

Each wave I filmed was about 30-45 seconds and Phileas rides great. Had a guy tell me today he watched me get the best waves he saw anyone get all day yesterday. It's a great mat."  

"Get back to states on Tuesday will do some art then send it on to Matt [Herman]." 

Taking it easy.

Taking it easier.

Taking it easier.

What I wouldn't give for some 45 second rides right now! Looking forward to seeing this. 

As promised, Andrew has added some artwork.  

It's always nice to see people getting creative. I have no idea what any of that Spanish means but I'm sure it's all very nice. 


Baja Bound!

Phileas is on the move!!! 

We have word from ASB and it's looking good. After a prolonged period of hibernation, it sounds like Phileas will be getting some waves with the Rincon crew...  In Mexico?! 

ASB getting prepped

Here's what Andrew said:

"Just dropped of the mat with my buddy whose doing the 24 hour drive to scorpion bay, I'll vonnect with him on Friday and finally get it in real waves" 

Look a mat wave too!  

So then, let's see what comes off all this. My mouth is watering over the thought of seeing some footage of Phileas on that wave. 

Didn't even think Mexico was going to be on the list! 


Phileas in Santa Barbara... In Spring... Hmmm...

It's been a while since we've heard from Phileas. She's currently in the hands of another world class Californian mat rider, Andrew Stephen Buck.

So why haven't we seen endless shots of ASB screaming effortlessly across Rincon walls with his trademark controlled tail-slips and roof-of-the-tube fin control?


Andrew says:

"Well Graeme, my friend. This is what happens when you wait til May to send Phileas up to Rincon to be checked out by the boys and I up here. As you can see, the conditions are shit... 

Every now and then there was a set and I managed to find a couple of waves on Phileas."

"Sadly yes, that is a set that I just slummed it in right now. Gonna hang on to her for a bit longer and hopefully get her into some real waves before I send her on to Santa Cruz..

Next time get it up here earlier you asshole! Ha ha!

Cheers my man."

GAH!!!  Let's all cross our fingers and pray to King Neptune for a solid south swell and some offshores. There are a few G-Mats kicking around the Rincon area and it would be great to see some of those fellas get a go with the ol' girl.