So Phileas has had a long weekend in Mexico and it looks like it's done her the world of good.  ASB  took her of to Scorpion Bay, Baja for a long weekend. 

Perfect point waves and sunshine. 

Not much of a crowd.

ere's what he had to say:

"Managed to borrow a go pro for a session and shot a few waves while holding it in my teeth. Won't see how they came out for a few weeks. The camera is down here until after they get home on the 24th.

Great food.

Each wave I filmed was about 30-45 seconds and Phileas rides great. Had a guy tell me today he watched me get the best waves he saw anyone get all day yesterday. It's a great mat."  

"Get back to states on Tuesday will do some art then send it on to Matt [Herman]." 

Taking it easy.

Taking it easier.

Taking it easier.

What I wouldn't give for some 45 second rides right now! Looking forward to seeing this. 

As promised, Andrew has added some artwork.  

It's always nice to see people getting creative. I have no idea what any of that Spanish means but I'm sure it's all very nice.