Goodbye to the USA

After some struggles, Jason MacMurray has finally got Phileas out in some surf. Here's what he had to say. 

"Time to send Phileas out of Santa Cruz and packing to Canada.  Interesting run of surf while it was here.  No surf for the first couple of weeks and only managed a short session with my kids. Then, last weekend, we got our biggest swell thus far this year.  Decided it was mat time.  


Despite the continual paddling and occasionally getting blasted, I managed to secure a few on Phileas, including one that was solid double overhead (standing up, that is).  Happy to report that the mat did as well in the big stuff as it does in everyday waves.  Unfortunately, the photo documentation is lacking.  There are a couple from that session but they don't do much justice.  Ultimately, I was just happy to bring the mat home in working order.

Liking the UTE design.  Probably the best one I've ridden though I have heard rumors from down South of a certain yellow mat that might be the best mat yet.


As is custom, you will notice Phileas has a few more tats than when it arrived.  That's how it works in Santa Cruz.

Looking forward to your visit.


Thanks a lot to Jason for hosting Phileas. She's spent just over a year on the US Mainland and has been through a lot. It looks like she needs a grip top up so hopefully someone is up for doing that along the way. 

Next stop Vancouver Island.