Important G-Mat News

Hello again all.

Another update on the waiting list. Unfortunately, the complexities in my life are ongoing and it doesn't really look practical to keep building custom mats commercially, at least for the foreseeable future. Given that, I will need to wrap up the waiting list and won't be taking new custom orders for the time being. I am going to build mats for the 10 longest waiters on the list.

Beyond this I will be focusing on building the 5 Star General and Bodybags for UK Mat Surfers. I can just work on them as and when I have time and they are MUCH quicker to build using templates and also saving time on collaboration and design from scratch.

5 Star General Surfmat

My plan is to build these in 3 scaled sizes to cover riders between 5' 7" and up to 6' 4" which covers most people and means people can get a perfect fit.

Bodybag Surfmat

The 5SG is basically a Ute with a teeny bit more length to extend the bottom end of it's range. I am really proud of it. It's fast with great hold and covers pretty much all conditions. I sold the last one I owned and have missed her ever since! The construction is exactly the same as with custom mats. Ask Adam "King Waka"  Williams from Scumm if you want more info on them.

In time I'll build them in 200/70 and 70/70 construction. I'll be doing some different colours too.

If you want to get a 5 Star General then get on the UK Mat Surfers mailing list:

I'm really sorry for any disappointment caused to anyone missing out on a custom mat. Hopefully a time will come where I have the space to get back to doing them commercially, but with my day to day work being stretched between employed work and self-employment plus needing to make time for increased family demands that's not practical right now.



Bodybags go Fancy!

G-Mat Bodybag Mini-surfmat for Bodysurfing

People may have noticed that a small batch of Bodybags went through to the UK Mat Surfers store recently.

Anyway, they have had a bit of an upgrade. Firstly, I went for some colours other than plain black. These two both had orange decks and one had a black bottom and the other navy. 

The other change is the addition to a bit of grip to the front corners to help to hold on to the mat. The original proto's had canvas decks but 200d decks seem to go better. However, they do get a bit slippery so this grip should fix that.  

Given the change, I am happy to add grip for anyone who had one of the last batch for free [customer pays shipping both ways], or I can coach people through the process of adding grip and will cover the cost of the sealant to do it.

More Bodybags will be along... The best way to get an early heads up if you missed out is to get on the UKMS Mailing List.



Bodybags Are GO!

You may remember a little while ago I built a mini-surfmat called The Body Bag. Here's my post at the time:

Following my initial apprehension, I sent that first mat off to be tested by Sean Starkey over at Newport Wedge. His feedback was positive but we both thought that a little more length would be a good idea so that's what came next.


I've built a few proto's using an open weave 500d fabric for the deck and 70d for the I-beams and bottom skin. Unfortunately, the 500d isn't reliable enough but the mats go great! I'm going to be sending these prototypes out to some mat and body surfers to get their heads around but will also be doing a batch of four 200/70 Bodybags for the UK Mat Surfers store.

Here's an edit of a session I had recently with mine.

I'm really excited about these. First couple of go outs, I had it fully pumped. Now I'm finding that 90 degrees is about right. Less than that and it's hard to manage the inflation as you are not covering the mat with your whole body, but who knows where we'll wind up with this. I'm sure better watermen than me will really push the boundaries of what these can do.


Anyway, keep an eye out. These will be for sale via the UK Mat Surfers Store very soon!



UPDATE - 06/01/2017

Bodybags are in stock now and going FAST! Get one from UK Mat Surfers:


A little while ago I knocked up a micro mat for bodysurfing, inspired by some home-builds by Glenn de Castro over in New Jersey.

I opted to call it The Bodybag (sounds a bit more butch than "the handbag"!).  I took her out in some OK surf. A bit sloppy but not bad. Here's a wave from that session.

My thoughts? Well to be honest, I don't think it has any real advantage over a kickboard or handplane. In fact, I had to pump her up pretty full to get her to go so I don't actually see any advantage over a board so in this instance I'd say it's not a design worth proceeding with but I thought I'd share it as it was a fun project.

The Bodybag is now in the possession of Sean Starkey over at Newport Wedge. If anywhere will get it going, that place will. I hope he enjoys it and a few people get a go.

I'm not planning to build more though.


UPDATE: 14 JULY, 2016

It seems there's a lot of interest in the Bodybag. Given that I may build some in the future as stock mats, but they would need to retail at around £80 GBP. Although they are small, they take the same time as welding and building a full size mat. I can weld 2 simultaneously though, hence the saving.

If the Wedge tests go well and the demand is there at that price then I'll do some.