Bodybags Are GO!

You may remember a little while ago I built a mini-surfmat called The Body Bag. Here's my post at the time:

Following my initial apprehension, I sent that first mat off to be tested by Sean Starkey over at Newport Wedge. His feedback was positive but we both thought that a little more length would be a good idea so that's what came next.


I've built a few proto's using an open weave 500d fabric for the deck and 70d for the I-beams and bottom skin. Unfortunately, the 500d isn't reliable enough but the mats go great! I'm going to be sending these prototypes out to some mat and body surfers to get their heads around but will also be doing a batch of four 200/70 Bodybags for the UK Mat Surfers store.

Here's an edit of a session I had recently with mine.

I'm really excited about these. First couple of go outs, I had it fully pumped. Now I'm finding that 90 degrees is about right. Less than that and it's hard to manage the inflation as you are not covering the mat with your whole body, but who knows where we'll wind up with this. I'm sure better watermen than me will really push the boundaries of what these can do.


Anyway, keep an eye out. These will be for sale via the UK Mat Surfers Store very soon!



UPDATE - 06/01/2017

Bodybags are in stock now and going FAST! Get one from UK Mat Surfers: