A little while ago I knocked up a micro mat for bodysurfing, inspired by some home-builds by Glenn de Castro over in New Jersey.

I opted to call it The Bodybag (sounds a bit more butch than "the handbag"!).  I took her out in some OK surf. A bit sloppy but not bad. Here's a wave from that session.

My thoughts? Well to be honest, I don't think it has any real advantage over a kickboard or handplane. In fact, I had to pump her up pretty full to get her to go so I don't actually see any advantage over a board so in this instance I'd say it's not a design worth proceeding with but I thought I'd share it as it was a fun project.

The Bodybag is now in the possession of Sean Starkey over at Newport Wedge. If anywhere will get it going, that place will. I hope he enjoys it and a few people get a go.

I'm not planning to build more though.


UPDATE: 14 JULY, 2016

It seems there's a lot of interest in the Bodybag. Given that I may build some in the future as stock mats, but they would need to retail at around £80 GBP. Although they are small, they take the same time as welding and building a full size mat. I can weld 2 simultaneously though, hence the saving.

If the Wedge tests go well and the demand is there at that price then I'll do some.