Two New Friends for Colin

Say hello to a couple of lovely ladies set to head off to their new home with Santa Barbara based Colin McCrindle.  Colin is an accomplished mat surfer who is lucky enough to work on boats around that part of the world meaning he gets to surf some pretty special and secluded spots.  

Colin already owns a G-Mat which is essentially a hybrid of these two so expanding the quiver seemed a good call.

So then, on to the mats. The first is G-Mat 116, a 200/70 free-rockered, free-breathing Ute called "Lefty Loosey". She offers the all-round experience and is perfect for those long walled up points.

Next is G-Mat 117, a free-breathing 200/70 Ubercat with rocker. As a quiver option, "Harvester" will handle hollow and peaky pits well, offering plenty of hold and tuning on a sixpence (or whatever the US equivalent might be... A dime?)

Both mats have a 3/4 length grip job and are gripped with Sikaflex EBT. It will be interesting to hear how Colin goes with these in some of his mysto spots. I've seen some photo's (don't ask, I can't share) and he gets into some really good quality waves. Personally, I love hearing how mats lat I've designed and built go in these conditions.

Stay tuned!



Bottom shot of G-Mat 117 showing the Ubercat rail hooks and deep concave and rocker curve.