G-Mat 119 - WUNDERBAR!!!

It's been quite a while since I dyed a mat and, if I'm honest, it's a job I hate doing, but the results tend to make it worth while. That's certainly how I feel about Ian Wraith's new Rubber Bucky named "Wunderbar". 

Wunderbar is built with high speed glide in mind. She is a 70/70 with negative rocker and a Hestered valve.  Ian lives to ride at super-low inflation so Wunderbar is set up as a free-breather to maximise speed.

As mentioned up top, Wunderbar has been dyed VERY green. I think this is set of nicely with the black of the Puraflex 40 grip and the black logo. Ian has gone for grip around the front corners, including the edge-lap to help with keeping hang of Wunderbar in gloves this winter.

I'm looking forward to handing this gal over to Ian. I'm also looking forward to getting a quick go!