G-Mat 220 - Getting Manly

This is G-Mat 220 (AKA "Bening"). She's the new steed of Manly Beach Surf Lifesaving Club's General Manager, Marc Manion. 

Bening is a G-Mat Ute. 200/70 construction with a deck valve and leash attachment. Marc was after some stability so she has a Sikaflex EBT grip job. The internal venting is also restricted. Being a "wheezer" means that Bening will be more predictable in terms of holding her shape. Marc is a bigger fella so the increased stability balances our against the extra volume.

The leash attachment is there as a back up to the matter's death grip as Marc takes trips to Indonesia. I'm really looking forward to seeing that! I hope Marc and Bening have a lot of fun!