Introducing - THE CHINO RACER

You will have seen pics of the latest model before, I'm sure. I'm pleased to announce that this 4-Pontoon model has now been tested thoroughly. The verdict... It loves good powerful waves (hence the pun on "Rhino Chaser" for which I make only a moderate apology). Here's the blurb:


The 4 pontoon Chino Racer is the “gun” of the G-Mat range, being the choice for waves overhead and bigger, or heavier and hollow smaller surf. Tested in solid conditions, the feedback has universally been that this mat needs a decent wave to get going but when it does, it is really quick from the off, giving a very assured and predictable hold. Warren Pfeiffer has described this model as “feeling like it is locked on rails”.

The mat is relatively narrow and the 4 pontoon design reduces the overall volume making it easier to get under waves.  The I-Beam configuration through the middle pontoons features 2 lower I-beams with a slightly taller central I-Beam giving a concave through the bottom and increased stability through the centre line.

200/70 configuration (200 denier deck and 70 denier bottom skin). 

Pretty much all conditions covered then.

With a number of models of mat now in the G-Mat range, I've knocked out a wee diagram to help customers to think about what might best suit their needs. I call it the "Slide Guide".

Happy New Year!!!