An Unexpectedly Low Bottom

Word has come in from Warren Pfeiffer that his Chino Racer, named Trax, is finding good lines in some weaker surf. Although not having quite the bottom end glide of his other 2 G-Mats, Trax is finding her way through  some weaker inside sections, getting far more water time than expected in over the Aussie summer.

Warren Pfeiffer - G-Mat Chino Racer

I've found similar results over the last couple of sessions. I've ridden my Chino Racer, Turd Surfer, in some of the recent solid swells and found myself getting into a good glide as waves backed off on the inside. I initially put this down to the experimental rocker profile that Turd Surfer has has, but Trax has a full on elastic rocker. The conclusion, then, is that this model actually has a much better bottom end than we initially thought. As a result, I've edited the Slide Guide to reflect this.

With our solid run of surf continuing in the Northern Hemisphere, I'm looking forward to testing the top end a bit more over the coming weeks.