G-Mat 40 (AKA "Richard")

My new ride and I'm pretty pleased with her. 

G-Mat 40 (AKA "Richard")

Richard is a 70/70, free-breathing Ute and is likely to be the last mat I'm going to be making for myself for some time. I really fancied a clean look and am pleased with the results, with the giant logo not looking too OTT. 

I personally love the responsiveness and speed achieved through 70/70 construction, combined with easy air transfer. I've had a go out in small, sectioning waves so far and she's got into waves early and displaces very little water. Richard made sections well, holding a high line but releasing well when asked. 

Fins out and off... A thoroughly pleasant afternoon.

The 70/70 Ute is a different creature to the 200/70 set up (well, 70/70 mats are completely different to their heavier counterparts full-stop) and aren't for everyone, being very sensitive. But for me, nothing really comes close to the feeling.  

Got some more waves about at the mo and I've got time off after Tuesday so should get plenty on my new go to mat.