G-Mat 39 (AKA "Grace Cajones")

This is Grace Cajones, a G-Mat Ubercat built for Dan Lawrence.

G-Mat 39 (AKA "Grace Cajones")

One of Dan's local breaks

Dan lives in Mid-Cornwall in the UK and has to wedges and shallow breaking beach breaks close to home so spends a lot of his time having to get his act together and find a line pretty sharpish! Given that, the obvious choice was an Ubercat. Dan has opted for a 200/70 set up and Sikaflex grip. The is a free-breather.  

As you can see, he's gone for the sleek and subtle approach being the suave man of style that he is.  This is a very small mat because... well... she's a custom surfmat so you work it out!

Anyway, it looks like a reasonable run of swell over the next week or so, so I'll be interested to hear (and see) how Dan and Grace Cajones get on.