Bye Bye to the Sandwich Islands

So then, Phileas is about to head on to Japan to hook up with Ryo Hiwasa. She's had a good time in Hawaii, although the Island Gods seemed to conspire against any usable footage of waves being ridden, we did get some amazing shots of scenery and some pearls of wisdom from Ambrose Curry.

Thanks so much to Chris Gilding, Brandon Treloar, Dave Montasevitch, Ambrose Curry and Wild Bill Osgood. Phileas has had a Blast!

So on she goes to the other side of the Pacific... Can't wait!


Phileas and Dave on Kauai

Dave Monasevitch has been playing host to Phileas on the Hawaiin Island of Kauai. In the company of the wonder that is Ambrose Curry, Dave has been getting to know our girl. It sounds like they've had fun:

EMAIL 1:  "I got to ride Phileas in clean 1-2. It is really a great all around mat! I had so much fun this morning. Instead of carving a cutback, I enjoyed sliding across the face sideways and then reengaging the rail.  It responds as nimbly as my thoughts. I’m so stoked with what you’ve got going on."

EMAIL 2:  "Kauai is experiencing almost three weeks of virtually background swell from all directions. I matted with my buddy Ambrose [Curry] on the last of the East with South wrap. Some fun. He said, “This is a well made mat.” “Large volume.” “I like the valve. It’s superior.” 

EMAIL 3:  "Thanks tons for including me in the Philes Project. It’s a super fun mat. I rode it Sunday morning on glassy, waist high, lined up beach break.. Steep feathering sections out in front and the sweet fun of making them is my last memory of the Philes ride. Incidentally,  (I’m a little slow) I finally figured out that the little valve makes it easy to blow up, and the big one is quick and precise for deflation. Pretty sophisticated, indeed. ;-) I let it dry out yesterday.  Phileas’s boxed up. I’m going to the post office to mail it to Pahl, over on Moloka’i. I have a few pics I could send, I’ll have a look and if any came out I’ll send them on to you.  Feel free to edit the blog as you see fit. I was hoping to get a few more mat guys on it, with video, but work schedules and distance  from where we live and where we surfed didn’t allow for it this round. I’m looking forward to my very own Custom D-mat.. It’s going to be awesome. I’m off to mail the package!  Aloha nut loa, Dave"

Many thanks right back at you Dave and Ambrose!

On Phileas goes. Next stop, Pahl Dixon on Molokai.