Hawaii - Big Island

So then, Phileas lands on the Big Island after her stint in Oahu with Chris. Chris is currently sorting through his photos so stay tuned for them,

Phileas now resides with Brandon Treloar - Good Cornish name that! Anyway it appears from the snap below that Brando has given Phileas so time to get some rest... Or at least I hope that's what's been going on?! Here's what Brandon had to say:

Aloha Graeme,

Phileas has navigated her inter-island travel successfully. We'll take good care of her out here in Kailua-Kona, on Big Island of Hawaii. Looking at some of the shredding mat surfers who've literally left their mark on her makes me feelhonored to be a part of such a wonderful adventure.

I look forward to my time with her. I'll be in Southern California, more specifically Newport Beach area, from 22-29/4/2016, if you're looking for a hand off in that area. Otherwise. Let me know where the next suitor lives and I'll send her on her way.

Please post any evidence of her arrival in case you know any locals who want to share in the experience.



Great stuff. Looks like a flying visit and then on she goes! Given the fact that it took Phileas a year to get out of Cali I think she'll be headed on from Hawaii. Stay tuned...