Santa Cruisin' Too

Yes I know, I did that horribly weak pun where you use "too" to sound like "two" but there is more cruisin' going on in Santa Cruz, this time at the hands of Erik Oberg (now there's a Viking name if ever you heard one!)

Erik has had what sounds like a great session on our girl, but no footage due to perfect surf apparently not being good enough for some of his mates. Here's what he has to say:

"I tried calling all my friends to go for a surf this afternoon but they all had better things going on I guess... "Surfed already", "watching the kid", "just got out", and so on. Who knew it would be so hard to find someone to surf fun 3-5ft waves (in relatively warm water)? So instead I picked up my new friend Phileas from the house and we went to steamer lane and had a really fun session. 

"Despite a hundred other people in the water, the evening was warm, glassy and fairly consistent. As the full moon rose and all the mini-mals and groms went home Phileas and I shared a few choice waves and really got some fun long rides cruising along the walls on the inside and I was getting throughly stoked on things. It was a really fun session!

Once home I took a few minutes to look at all the tattoos Phileas has acquired from traveling around and realized just how cool the whole store and idea is. If those doodles good talk, I can only imagine the stories each one holds. After my first session I'm excited to have a few more go outs and then the question arises. Where will Phileas go next and what adventures await?

Thank you G and thanks to everyone else who had a hand (indirectly or otherwise) in connecting me with Phileas and this community. 

Remain Stoked!"

I'm stoked too. That sounds sweet! This shot is the firt I've seen of how the artwork is coming on and I think it looks great. I can only imagine how she's going to look when she gets home.

Hopefully Erik can find someone to help him to document his adventures! Can't wait to hear what else he and Phileas get up to next.