Literally minutes after posting that Phileas was en route to John Hughes in Miami, this photo arrived:

John Hughes and Phileas

It looks like the timing is just a tiny bit out but perhaps that's for the best:

Philias has arrived in sunny Florida! (disregard the rain and gray skies in the photo). In a case of exquisite international postal serendipity, the mat arrived just as I am leaving town for a week. However, this is probably for the best since the surf is utterly flat again. The forecasts are calling for an increase in tropical activity toward the end of of the week, so we may be able to get photos of Philias in actual surf. The mat looks great (I really like the valve) and I can’t wait to put it through it’s paces. Stay tuned.
— John Hughes via G-Mat Custom Surfmats Facebook Page

We certainly will stay tuned. Come on Neptune... Give us something cranking!