Phileas in Florida - Pt 1

Having got over her jet lag, Phileas has been seeing the sites. Words and images from John Hughes:

I finally got Philias to the beach today after returning from Montana. The surf was pathetic but I wanted to get the mat in the water and get acquainted. I fully expected a "float" rather than a surf, but to my surprise I caught a couple of fun ,knee high dribblers. No photos today but we are expecting chest to head high surf with offshores by mid-week and I will be prepared :-).

After we left the beach I took Philius around Cocoa Beach to see some of the sights.

First we stopped to pay homage to the shrine of hometown boy, Kelly Slater.


Next we took Philias to the Cocoa Beach Surf Museum to meet some of his American cousins.  


Philias and a family portrait at the "Paipo, Prone to Ride" exhibit. Then back home for a bath and a nap.


Fantastic stuff you pair. I can't wait to see how you get on when the waves come.