Goodbye from Jeremy

So, it's with a heavy heart that Phileas moves on from her adventures in Montauk with Jeremy Grosvenor.  Some strange things have happened around there...

Not least, the formation of the Cult of Phileas.

Don't be at all surprised if you see Shamanic figures floating around the US East Coast wearing inflatable head dresses and chanting about "pelican glides". Jeremy assures me that these people are harmless.

Not all of what I just said then was true. Here's what Jeremy really had to say:

"Waves this 2014 A.D . U.S. Gratitude day.

The Mattress is great. The grop is A plus and no aroma.

The weight is perfect. The valve was hard to open with Lobster claw mitts on. Mattress very good dropping in and getting ahead of sections. Can stall and re gain speed fast.

After having my Voits fins since  2003 the heel straps broke on the first and second episode on the the Phileas mattress. So the first session one fin snap and disappeared in the sea and the second session other fin snapped. Rode 1st session one finned and rode second session oddly finned. Rode with the broken fin sandwiched between my body and the mattress. 

Since I like to hang out on prone paddle boards. Paddling take off is A OK with no fins. As long as getting outside is easy. Yesterday session hard to get outside with short blade fins.

Walking back on the beach with one broken fin and one substitute bodyboarding fin in hand. Bingo I step on the other lost fin on the beach. That was a mile where I originally lost it.

The voits reunited.

Here are the Voits preparing for a fish session in chasing days" 

[See "fish" is pictured!]

Jeremy's Fish

So another great episode of this errant surfmat comes to an end and Phileas hits the road again. 

Next stop Mark Rogers in Connecticut for the final stop of the US East Coast leg. 

Stay tuned....


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