G-Mat 28 (AKA "Yellow Peril")

It suddenly dawned on me that I didn't have a Bullet in my quiver after my last one left me for another bloke.  With that in mind I knocked up this little lady.

G-Mat 28 (AKA "Yellow Peril") 70/70 G-Mat Bullet

I've named her Yellow Peril for obvious reasons but I really wish I'd waited for my wife to come home first. She took one look and said "Jasper" which is Cornish dialect for "Wasp".


70/70 construction with a little restriction in the airflow to keep some shape in the juice. The colour will help should I lose her in the early morning murk too.

The grip is Sikaflex... Stink-free. 

G-Mat 28 - Backlit. Idea for this lighting nicked from Jamie McClellan

Anyway, looks like we have just the swell for her tomorrow.