Expanding the Quiver with Nancy

Here we have a 200/70 G-Mat Rubber Bucky named Nancy, built for Sean Stansfield.

G-Mat 169 Nancy Sean Stansfield Rubber Bucky Surfmat

People may well remember Sean. For those who don’t have long memories, Sean was the first person to host Phileas when she set off on her travels:


That was a while ago now!

G-Mat 169 Nancy Sean Stansfield Rubber Bucky Surfmat

Sean has previously had another couple of mats from me named Gladys and Dorothy:


The last 2 mats were a 70/70 Ute and a 200/70 Chino Racer. When Sean dropped me his order form he was pretty clear on hat her wanted. A Rubber Bucky and a fast one!

No problemo!

We mulled over the options and decided on a stable deck so went for 200 denier material, but focusing on the speed, we thought about venting (free-breather) and rocker (negative).

The rest was simple. Sean likes his mats low key and monochrome so all black with white grip was where we wound up. SIkaflex EBT Grip 3/4 length with front corners…

Nancy IS going to be fast…

G-Mat 169 Nancy Sean Stansfield Rubber Bucky Surfmat
G-Mat 169 Nancy Sean Stansfield Rubber Bucky Surfmat

Personally, I love the Rubber Bucky. The glide and the ease for the tail to break free make this a a design that absolutely epitomises the essence of the modern surfmat. It also means that for the uninitiated, there is a drift that can initially be a little disconcerting (we all love dropping the tail though right?)

I really stoked to have been able to build another mat for Sean. He’s a connoisseur of the craft of riding these craft.

Enjoy mate!



Just What the Doctor Ordered

Please welcome G-Mats 79 and 80 into the world. This pair are called Gladys and Dorothy, respectively.

Dorothy is a Ute and Gladys is a Chino Racer. Both are 200/70 free-breathers with subtle elastic rocker. This is an ideal quiver for all eventualities.

First up, Dorothy. She's a Ute and the perfect all rounder. Sean currently surfs around North Devon and with summer coming a mat to glide those long, glassy peelers at spots like Woolly is ideal. Dorothy isn't shy of the juice though but I have slightly emphasized the bottom end  as she is part of a double act.

Next we have Gladys. She is a Chino Racer so loves power. Sean travels an awful lot and surfs some very high quality solid waves. He tells me that he has found that he has been pushing the limits of his existing mats in some of these waves so Gladys is here to fill that gap.

Gladys will dig those big hollow North Devon days too.

Can't wait to hear how these girls go.