Ongoing Project Goes On...

A little while ago I made a mat called "Jus d'Orange" which went to Ian Wraith. Ian has given some great feedback on the design and I've personally witnessed him flying in both weak waves and cracking barrels.

All is going to plan so far then! The thing is, Jus d'Orange is made to fit Ian and Ian is considerably smaller than me so I've scaled up to fit my more weighty needs!

G-Mat 30 (AKA "Piping OTT")

This is a complete free-breather with a 200 denier top skin and 70d I-beams and bottom skin. The grip is stippled Sikaflex.  I've left a little space around the grip at the tail incase I need to rework the corners.

Given the ridiculously huge logo I've called her "Piping OTT". I'm really looking forward to giving this mat a go out.