Blue Raspberry

Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls, please welcome Blue Raspberry into your local lineup! (If you're in Santa Cruz).

G-Mat 155 Surfmat Blue Raspberry Jason MacMurray

Blue Raspberry is a G-Mat Ute built for my good friend and accomplished mat rider, Jason MacMurray. She is a 70/70 construction with acid dyed deck with progressively faded striped starting with a deep burgundy tail dip. The whole mat is actually more burgundy than the shots let on. 

G-Mat 155 Surfmat Blue Raspberry Jason MacMurray

Design-wise, Blue Raspberry (named by Jason's daughters) has a Hestered valve (because Jason's face needs all the help it can get). She is a free-breather with negative elastic rocker. Rockers in mats are only visible at rock hard inflation but their effects are felt even at low inflation. Negative rocker is the fastest and in combination with the lightweight materials (and this 70d navy I have in stock right now is lovely on that front) and unrestricted air flow, Blue Raspberry is going to go like a greased shit off a hot shovel!

G-Mat 155 Surfmat Reverse Rocker Blue Raspberry Jason MacMurray

Blue Raspberry is en route right now so I'm looking forward to the ride report. I've set it before... Sometimes you build a mat that you really don't want to let go of... This is one of those times...

Have fun Jason!


PS For more on rockers, have a read HERE.

G-Mat 155 Surfmat Blue Raspberry Jason MacMurray

G-Mat 83 (AKA "Self Pleasure"

Here's Jason MacMurray's new ride. A 70/70 Rubber Bucky, disturbingly named "Self-Pleasure."

As I say, 70/70 and the black material combines with the lighter coated green to make a nicely balanced mat. Jason has gone for some rocker.

I have been promised some shots of Mr MacMurray pleasuring himself in due course although I'm a little apprehensive about opening the email!


surfmat surf mat jason MacMurray Rapa Nui Ubercat 658