G-Mat 87 (AKA "Bez")

This is Henry Marfleet's new ride, Bez. She's a free-breathing 200/70 Chino Racer with a restricted flat rocker.  

G-Mat 87 (AKA "Bez") 

As you can see, Bez has a 3/4 grip job of grey (yes, it is grey I swear) Sikaflex EBT+. This is very durable and offers good traction and also adds to the stability of the deck. Bez also has added black grip on the front corners to help with hanging on to her in heavy situations. I've used Sikaflex 11FC+ for this to keep it pliable. This is backed up with a bungee leash setup just in case Bez and Henry get separated. 

Sikaflex love handles 

So why does Henry need such a solid,  stable, belt and braces mat? Well, that's because he's off to G-Land and it can get quite heavy there apparently. As you can see, Henry isn't unaccustomed to waves in that part of the world:

Anyway, Bez has set off to hook up with Henry and then off they go. Pretty exciting trip for both of them.  



Henry Marfleet - K-Bay, Dorset, UK