Here's the latest out of the workshop, a G-Mat Ute named "Bombina". She has been built for UK Mat Surfer, Bryn Dampney. 

G-Mat 46 (AKA "Bombina")

Photo: Ollie Howe

Bryn is a relatively new convert to the way of the mat having picked up a couple of 4GFs over the last year or so. He is a very talented kneeboarder, notable lneeboard shaper, highly experienced bodyboarder and, as it turns out, is quickly developing into a skilled mat surfer too.

Being one of the most natural tube riders I have had the pleasure of surfing with, it is really exciting to see Bryn out in the water on mats.

Bryn has decided to get in touch with his sensitive side with Bombina, going for a 70/70 construction. I'm really excited to here/see how she goes for him.

Stay tuned.