Signing Off with a Wee Gem

G-Mat 68 (AKA Buckwheat)

So, here's my last post of the year as I pack up G-Mat Towers to spend some quality time with family, friends and waves.

I'm signing off with some shots of my latest build, a G-Mat Rubber Bucky built for cold water mat legend, John "Bagjuan" Mann of Washington State, USA.

John is what we mat builders refer to as "compact". As a result,  his mat (named Buckwheat) is comparatively small.  I would be a happy man if I could see Buckwheat and Matt Pierce's mat,  California King side by side. It would look like a mattress and pillow combo!

Anyway, Buckwheat is en route and John tells me that he and his son are awaiting arrival.

Les BagsDeux

So, back to the wrap up, it's been a great first full year. I'm so stoked to have been able to build mats for so many people. The waiting list is currently going to keep me busy for the next 6 plus months so it's onwards and upwards!

Thanks to all my customers for all their support.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



California mat surfer, John "Bagjuan" Mann is currently borrowing Ken McKnight's 70/70 Ute, "Blue Thunder".

G-Mat 33 (AKA "Blue Thunder") Photo: Ken McKnight

I got this email fter his first go out:


From the moment I pressed my lips against her orifice, tasting a salty sweetness,I it was self evident that we were going to get along just fine.Matter not whose lips had been before, they were all good men.

Though she had been ridden hard, and put away wet many times, I took her under my arm. Too  much rubbing had worn her traction to the nubs, but I dismissed that, and affectionately renamed this stallion of a mat" Razor Wind".   She liked to roam outside of the pocket, but was quick to return to her rightful place , deep in the sweet spot. A satisfying blend of the Gross Mini-Mat, and one of Dales last offerings not one to burn off speed, and nimble in all ways side to side .

I enjoyed being able to tweek her valve, whilst wearing 7ml.lobster claws. Its not summer, till the big rubber comes off....,soon ?  All told, the Razor Wind won my heart, and I will return her to The Doggy Lama, with hopes that she has a sister, or something passable, that I might procure from you, Provider of Inflatable Joy.

I will get my house in order, for her coming.



Mission accomplished...