Oink! Oink!

I introduce to you, ladies and gentlemen, a mat with an identity crisis! Not anything to do with the mat herself, but her name. 2 stuck out for her owner and both stuck out too prominently to be dismissed. As a result G-Mat 161 is named "Comrade Napoleon" AAKA "Miss Piggy"

G-Mat 161 (AKA "Comrade Napoleon" AAKA "Miss Piggy") ASB Andrew Steven Buck Surfmat Surf mat Negative Rocker

This little piggy is built for Andrew Steven Buck and is a 70/70 G-Mat Ute. ASB is a master matter and as such he is after mats that are super sensitive and responsive. With that in mind, Napoleon (I’m not typing out all that again) is a free-breather with negative rocker.

70/70 construction with a lightweight Sikaflex EBT clear grip finish, Piggy (again… I’m not typing all that) is built to be super glidy, very sensitive, highly responsive and therefore…


G-Mat 161 (AKA "Comrade Napoleon" AAKA "Miss Piggy") ASB Andrew Steven Buck Surfmat Surf mat Negative Rocker 2

She heads off to hook up with ASB in Carpineria and I am gagging to see how she goes in those Rincon rights. Hopefully I’ll get to see her in action in the flesh in April (yes… April. Not the best time for Rincon eh?!)

I love building mats for Andrew. A true master of the art and a man with an deep knowledge not just of how to ride surfcraft but how they work. He has certainly played a huge role in making me both a better mat builder and mat surfer.

Here’s to you ASB!



G-Mat 161 (AKA "Comrade Napoleon" AAKA "Miss Piggy") ASB Andrew Steven Buck Surfmat Surf mat Negative Rocker Plan

The Rincon Rental Raft

I'm getting this post up now because I won't have a chance between now and leaving for a pretty sweet holiday.

This is the last custom mat built before my trip to SoCal. She is for ASB by way of rent, what with us parking an RV on his driveway for almost a week.  Given the fact that this is a gift, I've taken the liberty of naming her myself and so the Rincon Rental Raft has been born.

"RRR" is a 200/70 free-breathing Ute with elastic rocker, a Hestered valve and a cracked patterned grip. I'm looking forward to seeing this gal get an outing in the flesh.

So, last one until I get back. I'll be reading and replying to emails while I'm in the US and am hoping to get a few mat meets together.  

I have a brown baseball cap with an orange logo in my case and it will go free to the first person I meet over there who tells me face-to-face that they like brown, like orange and wear caps.



ASB and Friends

I've been sent a lovely shot of ASB surfing his home break with Rincon compadre, Ross Bushnell. 

Photo by Sean Johnson 

Photo by Sean Johnson 

Andrew swears blind he was invited to party! 😆

As you will notice, ASB is riding a fairly high vis mat. She is called Fluffy Sunshine and was really built as a fun project, but has since become his favourite mat. 



Andrew says:

"I'm all about the bright colored mat now. No

More "I didn't see you"

Sounds like the right move. I'm planning a trip over to SoCal in spring and was worried about getting waves at Rincon. I'm planning a trip to SoCal in the spring. Given my solitary surfing style and talent for finding empty waves, I've kinda lost the art of jostling so was worried about getting waves at Rincon, but with ASBs passion for partying I think I'll just hang inside and drop in on him!




Fluffy Sunshine

Ladies and gents, boys and girls,  this is the next instalment of weird surfmats for Andrew Stephen Buck, following hot on the heels of Pacmat.  

G-Mat 89 (AKA "Fluffy Sunshine") is a free breathing 200/70 Ute with rocker. 

You may also have noticed that she has a little artwork.

Fluffy Sunshine is a gift for ASB from his good lady, Olivia. Apparently she was quite insistent about this theme. Thankfully, Andrew seems to like it.

Whether or not the Rincon locals will get their heads around it is another question all together!   

In any case, we can be sure that there will be no missing ASB in the lineup and, should be lose his grip, Fluffy Sunshine should be easy to see. 



G-Mat 82 (AKA "Pacmat")

I've had a bit of fun building Andrew Stephen Buck's latest Rubber Bucky. For obvious reason's she is named Pacmat.

Pacmat is a gift for Andrew from his brother Mike. That is one hell of a brother!

This is (obviously) a mat that ASB will jump straight onto. It is the first one I've built him with a light elastic rocker so I will be interested to hear how that goes. I'll also be interested to hear what the Rincon crew make of all this!

This is one of the first mats using my new pigments. Im really happy with how that has worked out.

Oh, and this isn't even the strangest thing that ASB has me working on at the moment...



Introducing the Rubber Bucky

I recently posted about "Hestered" valves on a new mat. Well, now I've ridden the mat in question in conditions ranging from walled up solid peelers to rippy junk and now it's time to go public...

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! I give you, the G-Mat Rubber Bucky. 

ASB's Rubber Bucky Proto's: 200/70 top, 70/70 bottom.

Apart from having possibly the funnest name to say out loud of all the G-Mat range (I bet you just tried it too) the Rubber Bucky is a contender for the Ute’s all-rounder crown. Developed in partnership with Santa Barbara mat-meister, Andrew Stephen Buck, this mat emphasises traditional high speed mat surfing, quickly finding a plane and favouring controlled drifts and subtle rail control, whilst still holding well enough on steep walls to get your fins out of the water and let loose.

This three pontoon mat is slightly narrower than the Ute, but has a fuller feel due to having slightly more depth (thickness). The I-beam positioning draws heavily from the Ubercat giving a deep concave and pronounced rail hook. The overall feel is very different though with a greater width to length ratio and slightly enhanced bottom contours.

Photo: Jon Shafer

ASB Photo: Olivia Sabedra

Slightly rounder parabolic corners fore and aft work together with the bottom contours to give a clean progressive curve to aid hold. Well vented internal structures allow easy air transfer letting the mat to change shape rapidly, increasing speed and responsiveness.

The Rubber Bucky works well with a 200/70 configuration (200 denier deck and 70 denier bottom skin) or 70/70 for increased sensitivity.

Check it out in action from 1:10 in the following video.