ASB and Friends

I've been sent a lovely shot of ASB surfing his home break with Rincon compadre, Ross Bushnell. 

Photo by Sean Johnson 

Photo by Sean Johnson 

Andrew swears blind he was invited to party! 😆

As you will notice, ASB is riding a fairly high vis mat. She is called Fluffy Sunshine and was really built as a fun project, but has since become his favourite mat. 



Andrew says:

"I'm all about the bright colored mat now. No

More "I didn't see you"

Sounds like the right move. I'm planning a trip over to SoCal in spring and was worried about getting waves at Rincon. I'm planning a trip to SoCal in the spring. Given my solitary surfing style and talent for finding empty waves, I've kinda lost the art of jostling so was worried about getting waves at Rincon, but with ASBs passion for partying I think I'll just hang inside and drop in on him!