Off to Noo Yoik!!!

Black is back with G-Mat 113 (AKA "Matte Black"). This low key number is a G-Mat Ute built for Tim Darwish. 

Tim is a New Yorker and surfs many of the local spots. Given that, he was after a good all-round mat to take on some of the less than perfect local conditions but with something in reserve for the solid days when they come around. The obvious choice was a Ute. 

Matte Black is a 200/70 Ute. She has free rocker and is a free breather. She is gripped with Puraflex 40  for a pliable but durable non-skid deck. 

I'm looking forward to hearing how she goes. Tim tells me that he is hoping for some waves around the middle of the week so fingers crossed...