Kessel Run - Something for the Govnah!

Here's a new mat for Bryn Dampney, Editor of the UK Mat Surfers site. She's a 70/70 Ubercat built with a certain wedgy South Devon spot in mind. 

Bryn is something special at finding barrels and wanted something that would hold well but also have a tight turning circle to get back in the pocket without hacking speed. Given thatthat,  his new mat "Kessel Run" has an elastic rocker which will be a new experience for Bryn but hopefully a good one. 

Given the construction and the planned use, we figured that Kessel Run could do with having a little stability up top. Bryn is a fan of 70/70 mats so we went with Sikaflex EBT to add a little more structure through the middle, without effecting the pliability in the rails. 

Bryn Squeezing into a wee one in SE Cornwall 

Bryn Squeezing into a wee one in SE Cornwall 

I'm looking forward to seeing Bryn out on this mat. One great thing about building mats for people locally is that I get to have a go on them myself too!

Can't wait! 😆