Here Come the Vikings!

Ladies and Gents, meet G-Mat 125 (AKA "Oselvar") She is a 200/70 G-Mat Ubercat heading to David Hoke on the East Coast of the US. Oselvar has a positive rocker to help with turns and Sikaflex EBT grip wrapped around the nose to help Dave to hang on in heavy surf.

G-Mat 125 Ubercat Surfmat Surf Mat David Hoke 3654

About the name, Dave told me:

"I am naming the mat "Oselvar" after the Norwegian wood boats that are fast, agile and bend. My Grandfather was an off the boat Norski (Fritz Heede).   I keep in touch with my cousins. 

When I visited last year I got to mat in Hoddevik at Midnight and then go spear fishing.

I got to row a vintage wood boat in Fjaerland. It was used by a minister who rowed among his congregations in the 1920s."


Dave Hoke Norway 357

Mat surfing a Norwegian fjord sounds amazing. Spearfishing in Norway?! F*ck that!!!

So where are Dave and Oselvar planning to surf. Dave lives in Pennsylvania and doesn't see much in the way of surf at home. The answer is... Costa Rica. Big, peaky reef waves a long way from dry land to be precise.  

This explains the rocker and the nose grip and Dave's choice of a low volume mat. His Viking ancestry probably explains his attitude to surfing though, I cant wait to hear about this trip!



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