The Madgoose!

This mat is a 200/70 G-Mat Ubercat named "The Madgoose". She is the new friend of Hawaiian mat surfer, Dave Monasevitch over on Kauai. You may remeber Dave from his adventures with Phileas.

You'll see in the following 2 shots that Ubercats have pronounced rail hooks and a deep concave up the middle of the bottom. The canting that achieves this also offers an enhanced sense of structure.

As you can see here, The Madgoose sports an elastic rocker to work with the stretched out profile and aid turns, particularly off the bottom in heavy Hawaiian surf.

Dave has also gone for some grip on the front corners. Given the waves he has in mind, who can blame him. Here's his first bit of feedback:

"Aloha G!

Got to try it today, 2-4’ Hawaiian surf. Occasional breakers to 3rd & 4th reef. 1st wave was a  late drop, and I didn’t feel back of the mat soon enough to stay in the pocket and trim the face. It didn’t slide out in the flats though :-D  Once I negotiated the forward-aft through the drop, I felt the open highly evolved form of your Smooth Hold design. But what is the most unique and enjoyable aspect, so far, is it’s ability to climb; even a steep feathering face, and get over the top and out the back.. It was sizable, and kind of a thrill.  Thankfully, do to that hold/climb ability, I managed to stay outside long enough to catch a few good waves…That’s impressive.  I caught an insider and the next clean up sets drove me in past the second reef and then the first reef. The constant hammering to get so far back out to the breakers, indicated that I was done for the day. Didn’t lose her in all that energy, though! Good fun!!! Hope there’s a few waves left tomorrow. :-D

Many Thanks You da Mat  man!,


Talented mat rider... Good waves... Pleasure to build...  Have fun Dave!


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