Fun with Winston

As I lie here with infected sinuses, popping pain killers, antibiotics and nasal douches seriously in need of cheering up, a real treat landed in my inbox. Word from Mattitude on a heavy day at Huntington Beach on his Ute, Winston, back in early December:

G-Mat 84 (AKA "Winston") 

G-Mat 84 (AKA "Winston") 

"Got an incredible in and out barrel today on winston.
steely blue peaks offshore winds 75 degrees in water   combo swell about 8+ faces on the sets very heavy wedging peaks looked like northshore or puerto escondido

first wave of session took off sideways and never made it to the bottomhad a brief instant where i knew it was going to come over hard then it happened threw out all around me   and i was thinking oh what a view (reminded me of that almond lenox barrel but not quite as deep) but had expected tobe a tiny bit deeper

then the thing just unloadedand spit so hard i sawthe shape of my head in the spray as it blew out.

probably the best barrel i have ever gotten ona surf mat and one of the best i have gotten ever at hb.


the very next wave i got another deep barrel andgot out raced after a few seconds in the tunnel lookingat a surfer who was paddling out. ridingwinston inflations very similar tophilaes 180 + a big handfull on a top corner to make it (very slight)  spring at 180so like190 or 200 butcant measure those since mat touches at 180."

Sounds amazing! No footage of that unfortunately but Chad Stickney has just put together a fun edit with Jamo and Winston in action, as well as Chad getting some sweet Wedge action on his Ubercat, Tsu.  

Pretty stoked on that.