Matt's Sweet Tooth

The latest mat to come out of the workshop is G-Mat 91 (AKA "Candy"). Candy is a Ute built for Matt Ayre, the man behind Polymath Surfcraft. Matt is a huge inspiration to me so I was stoked when he got in touch to talk about getting a mat.

Candy is a 200/70 Ute with elastic rocker. Matt surfs some good quality waves in his local area in the North East of England, but obviously has to also grovel in some ropy short period stuff at times so the versatility of the Ute seemed the obvious way to go. The rocker will help with turns and of course, Candy is red so that will add to the speed so all-in-all, I'm hopeful that Matt is going to be pleased with his mat.

I'm can't wait to see how Matt and Candy get along. Matt is a talented waterman who rides a wide array of craft so I'm confident that he will embrace the learning (and unlearning) needed to master mat riding. He plans to take Candy out in some decent waves so I am very excited to hear how they get on.

Stay tuned!